Gabriel Varga vs. Sergey Adamchuk

 GLORY_22_SuperFight_Series_Marat_Grigorian_vs_Serhiy_Adamchuk_Full_Video  GLORY_17_Los_Angeles_Gabriel_Varga_vs_Sitmonchai

“Dynamite is Coming”

With the Bellator Glory Dynamite event approaching, I’m going to start these break downs now because there’s a ton of fights to break down. Starting with Glory Kickboxing bouts we have Gabriel Varga vs Sergey Adamchuk bout this is a interesting fight because of the styles of the two men competing.

With Gabriel Varga we have legit new age fighter beautiful foot work use of every kick in the book, perfect boxing fundamentals and a real Dutch style of striking. With Sergey Adamchuk we have a picky striker a lot of movement on the outside is his game, opening up his body kicks with his jab is a key to his game. I beilive Varga takes it because how clean his shots are and how fast he is plus the volume he puts on guys. For Sergey to win this bout he would have to strike move and stay moving getting Gabriel frustrated and wait for mistake and attack with a body kick. However Varga is a dangerous fighter off the back foot or when he applies pressure he has devastating knees and long range kicks. While in the pocket there little contest as well because of how good Varga is at boxing in tight and from the mid range. I see Varga running away with this one.

The controversy of Sergey’s win over Marat Grigorian is a study of what might happen but instead of picking when to pressure or exchange like Marat did, you have Vargas who will launch 5 strikes for every 1 that is thrown in his direction ask Sitmonchai about how that goes. The tale of this bout will be if Sergey can move away and strike and clutch or if the volume and superior crisp strikes of Gabriel will become to much to deal with.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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