AOC ” Boxing”

Guillermo_Rigondeaux_The_Way_of_the_Jackal (2)

“I present to you the Jackal”

Guillermo Rigondeaux is a crafty boxing genius from the fabled Cuban boxing program. A 2 time gold medalist and world champion considered by many to be the best boxer and technician in the sport giving Mayweather a run for all of his money as well. I have been high on this guy because of my history with cubans and watching him work on the amature scene. He is the definition of crafty, he’s not the fastest or the most powerful but he is the most creative a fundamentally sound fighter to ever hit the ring in my humble opinion.

Footwork and straight punches are his bread and butter, he sets traps for his opponents with a slow jab and when the counter comes he counters over top of it with a straight left. He proves that it doesn’t matter how fast a punch is because he lands the jab with zero telegraph and sometime by telegraphing it but it’s all in his timing. He’s always in the right distance and foot placement to transfer his weight into a solid shot which surprises people.


Crafty behavior and intelligence in the ring is usually breed out of necessity, because of a suspect chin Guillermo had to develop solid basics to keep the chances of getting caught low so he keeps a pawing jab in his opponent’s face to keep them from getting off and once someone over extends on him his delivers with a sharp and exact shot and then goes to the body with hooks and uppercuts. He’s Cuban in his defense from his crouching slips to his fast footwork and fencing like stutter step. What makes him unique is is combination choice, being a southpaw myself I see his pull counter and just counter and think that’s incredible then you see him build on it with a uppercut or body work after stepping off the center line and you realize how far ahead he’s thinking when he throws that jab, When people get lazy with the defense against him he will loop a lead hook straight to the temple kind of scolding someone for not taking his speed seriously or for not respecting him kind of. It’s eerie really because I saw him do this against Hisashi a much bigger man and then he put him down with a straight punch that he had been landing a majority of the fight. After putting him down he just let loose on some loaded hooks landing and then going back to his usual movement around the ring.

Guillermo_Rigondeaux_The_Way_of_the_Jackal (1)

He may be the best non mainstream boxer, and most under appreciated champion. He has guys like Leo Santa Cruz scared of fighting him after he dispatched the longtime King Nonito Donair. Hes truly the Jackal just playing with his food and dispatching the best when he chooses to Roy Jones Jr style. He just that good so get crafty have fun with this striking thing. If you can or choose to have more creative freedom  I guess along side the fundlementals.


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