Saulo Cavalari vs. Zack Mwekassa

 GLORY_20_SuperFight_Series_Saulo_Cavalari_vs_Artem_Vakhitov_Full_Video  GLORY_16_Denver_Zack_Mwekassa_vs_Pat_Barry_Full_Video (1)

“Vicious Wild Heat Rematch at Dynamite” 

Light Heavyweights that love to bang get ready for war folks. Saulo is the prototype Brazlian BANGER. Then there’s Zack well Zack’s from the Congo, and he fights enough said in my opinion.

So who are these fighters style wise, well Saulo is a high guard leg kicker with a fast lead hand again Brazilian Muay Thai at its finest. He catches the shots on the outside of his gloves and returns the favor with a chopping leg kick. Don’t be mistaken he can still light anyone up with a head kick. The real trouble for him comes in when a guy closes the distance and attacks the body while his guard stays high. He just eats the shots and then fells them later int he bout.However he can do this because people stop closing in on him because the leg kick is chopping the lead leg and the double jab is forcing guys to have to reset. He has a double edged sword in his style he loads up on shots but he can do this because he doesn’t get hit by stupid shots. By staying fundamentally defense he can explode with heavy shots more often while his opponent can’t ,devastating Brazilian kick boxer.

Now in the other corner is Mwekassa as KO artist put what is also interesting is that Saulo Ko’d Zack clean at Glory 22. If we look at the skill of Zack nothings a better example then that Pat Barry fight. We have a Pro boxer applying a technical pressure on one of the most powerful kick boxers I have see. Zack has a knack for the launching and landing high kicks and immediately continuing with technical combinations to the body and head. Add on top of that his power and you have lethal fighter. What maybe a question is his conditioning and if he can sustain his volume against a guy who will continually chop his legs down and stay true to his high guard defense. Zach does get wild emotionally in his fights when he gets pressured and that leads to a lot of looping which discounts his technical skill when it comes to his jab and immediate lead leg kick combination instead you see a lot of looping shots with little hope of landing,  If he lands though it will be a short night because he has devastating power in all his strikes.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks listen to new Dr. Dre and have a good time


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