AOC “Muay Thai”

21_minutes_of_Saenchai (3)

The Art of Combat Kinetic Linking

You can Absorb the effective and discard the limited, like the icons of fighting innovators before us.

What we Absorb?

“Teep my Peeps”

If it hasn’t become very clear Saenchai is my Ali of Muay Thai. The living legend is a short mans database of what’s possible even at a height disadvantage or preserved disadvantage if you like. Something he does well is his use of the teep or push kick others do it well to and I’m highlighting its extensive use here. His teep comes to the head and to the body. He moves quickly and lands more times then not with his opponent on their back wondering how such a tiny man put so much power in one simple kick, that many see as  a defensive kick only. Well it’s really simple to be honest after countless hours modifying my technique to mirror his perfectly I broke it down.

21_minutes_of_Saenchai (1)

  1. First you have to have the base of the push kick down.
  2. Bring the leg up like a front kick.
  3. Instead of snapping it out you’re pushing it forward through your opponent.
  4. Leaning forward on your planted foot to force your body’s momentum forward with your hands up to avoid any counter that may be coming off the teep.

It’s quite literally a Thai side kick because of the many variation there’s a side teep (cough cough it’s just a sidekick) but the really devastating teep variation is the teep that lands like a thrusting spear to the head something Saenchai has a knack for.

21_minutes_of_Saenchai (2)

  1. The push kick to the head starts like a regular teep.
  2. Or it can be altered by doing a jumping switch knee kind of motion.
  3. But to start off the knee comes up like usually but you lean back slightly to open up the hip to fire straight up.
  4. Or if you don’t trust your flexibility you can even bring the leg up like an axe kick if you’d like.
  5. Once you commit to the push shoot you torso back which will help force that heel straight to the head.
  6. Practice it like this and the jumping version Saenchai is known for will come easily.
  7. Let it be known this is a very disrespectful move to use in Muay Thai.

(Here’s a little golden nugget below)

The torso lean is a technique that will advance and add more power and more distance for you opponent to have to cover for your regular body teeps also.

-Folks and Family I’ll see you on the flip side


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