Antonio Tarver vs. Steve Cunningham

 Antonio_Tarver_Career_highlights_2015  Steve_USS_Cunningham_Highlights_Knockouts

“A Battle for the American Heavyweight Title”

How this bout breaks down is pretty interesting because of one’s technical skill versus the speed and technique of the other. We have the Magic Man Antonio Tarver versus USS Steve Cunningham, both guys are war tested and technical good at their respective games. Antonio Tarver is a rangy southpaw that comits with a volume filled jab and then uncorks a left straight down the pipe. Steve Cunningham is similar in fact, except for the southpaw stance he has a fast jab and fast straight right. Steve may not be as smooth and clean with his this shot as Tarver but his game is really the hooks uppercuts and body work of the slip. Its going to be tough fight for both guys.

Steve is a fast slip and ripper whose getting schooled by Nazim Richardson B-Hops trainer. His footwork is solid now and his jab has been cleaned up a lot add to it a piston shot from the right hand and a defense first sensibility before he throws any hooks or uppercuts to the body. He’s your typical Philly fighter at Heavyweight but looks and moves like a Middleweight, he’s truly an athletically gifted fighter.

The magic man is no slouch he’s a world class fighter with an automatic bid into the hall of fame. He has razor sharp fundamentals, he has experienced the champion rounds in wars. Lightning jab 1-1-1,2 volume from the southpaw stance. A wild card is Antonio’s condition sometime is up and down but in this fight it may be a non factor because of his camp being set in the humid and hot gyms in south Florida. Hes back at heavyweight which may mean more power, with the punch and clutch grind early he may have the ability to pressure and exhaust Steve in the late rounds. Once he gets to the late rounds the straight left will be coming because of his history of success with it.

It could be a wild fight a boring fight or a quick fight but either way the winner will go up against Wilder for the title that I’m dubbing the American Heavyweight title.

-Stay Chill Posse Out Family and Folks  


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