The True NEW Breed: Claudia Gadelha

Claudia_Gadelha_vs_Jessica_Aguilar_UFC_190_Highlights Claudia_Gadelha_vs_Jessica_Aguilar_UFC_190_Highlights (1)

“The curb between skilled women and men of MMA is closing because of women like Claudia Gadelha”

“Look at the skill above”

This is really a profile of one of my favorite fighters in the UFC right now. Yes I had her winning against Joanna at first glance, I can’t wait for the rematch. Let me breakdown my previous statement. Women like Claudia are closing that gap that women in boxing where never able to close. She is a Nova Uniao fighter through and through from her Muay Thai to her power doubles and singles and her ghost and smoke like abilities in the BJJ department. She is not a Renan or Aldo as a women that’s just disrespectful to her, she is who she is and she’s damn good. Claudia is crisp flowing from striking to wrestling like you would see in the 125 men’s division she is what we have coming down the pipe very soon in women’s MMA. I mean she struck with Joanna and then shoots and takes her down, cough cough like the great GSP if I’m not mistaken. The gap is shortening and soon the weird folks that say that women aren’t as skilled as men citing Rondas stand up or the depth of skilled fighters in the women’s divisions will soon have to grab a plate and take a seat because nothing they say will be valid in the coming years as the division start to fill out with olympians and high ranking competition from other combat arts that make the transition to MMA very young in their careers. Yeah you can cite Ronda running through the 135 division to justify both arguments about her skill versus men, or how because of her level of skill versus women less skilled than her which I have already touched on in a previous entry.

I believe a matter of factors from both sides are involved with Ronda but for the 115 division the same thing rings try that is evident in the men’s 125 division. The smaller divisions are the most skilled division and that’s why Joanna, Claudia, Jessica, Carla, and a slew of more women at 115 are going to change the face of women’s MMA, in a way Ronda can;t because of the talent in her division versus her skill level. Claudia’s division has a multiply time champion kickboxer, legit BJJ black belt competitors, highly skilled MMA veterans, high level wrestlers that all have made the transition to MMA way back and are as much veterans of the sport as anyone else in the organization. So sit back and watch the division of ground breakers go to work in the mean time.

-Stay Chill Folks and Family


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