Clear Cut Robbery

 Michael_Johnson_vs_Beneil_Dariush_highlights (1)  Michael_Johnson_vs_Beneil_Dariush_highlights

“You say Controversial Split, I say Robbery”

Lets start from the top Micheal Johnson one the volume count significant strike count and stuffed all of the take down attempts. That’s what happened, Johnson was catching him with combinations and punching through, his jab to the body was there all day and he was putting Beneil Dariush on his back foot for round 1 & 2 and a majority of the final round.


Even though Beneil was landing shots it was with single shots and single leg kicks that would get countered by a 3 or 4 combination. If this was a kickboxing bout it would be Johnson by a land slide and count the fact that he stuffed every take down attempt you would think that the fact that the pace octagon control and striking count would all go in the favor of Micheal Johnson. What these judges where looking at baffles me and proves that the judging structure need revamped with judges that train or have fought in MMA. Athletic commissions need to be held accountable for there huge discretion’s that cost fighters, Micheal Johnson was ranked 5th overall in the division a title contender now he gets jumped by a guy that has no business ahead of him. Now Beneil and Edson will likely fight to guys that got beat down by Micheal and this will move the winner ahead of the guy that beat them both. Robbery isn’t even the word for this and everyone was baffled Rashad, DC, etc.

-Posse out stay chill Family and Folks


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