Anthony Rumble Johnson vs Jimi Manuwa

 JIMI_Poster_Boy_MANUWA_Highlights_Knockouts Anthony_Johnson_Highlights_2015_Rumble

“KO at any moment”

Rumble Johnson vs Jimi Manuwa we have Jimmy a high level fighter with great fundamentals and explosive ability. Rumble, as many know I’m a huge fan of, his striking tactics he has brilliant trapping ability and ridiculous speed and subsequent power. He has a American and Dutch kickboxing style. How it shakes out is who gets off first. Who has the better sprawl and we know Jan has great wrestling, and Rumble has a beautiful takedown defense. With great takedown defense, standing may be the only way this bout goes.

How this bout breaks down is basically the same for both. Starting off who gets off first will have the advantage, dominating the punch stats to set up the rest of striking plan. For Jimi the striking should be used to get the takedown like DC did because standing for long periods with Rumble is ill advised. Rumbles wrestling defense is high level that DC fight is not an example of his wrestling but he can be taken down.

Rumbles way to finish the fight is his usual plan, open up with his 1-2, 2,3-1,3 then mixing in the head kicks and swarming with the uppercut or leg kicks and head kicks. I believe that Henri Hooft and Tyrone Spong will have AJ pace more and then explode at his maximum.That’s how this breaks down another electrifying bout in the 205 division.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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