On tumblr before nogi session at 7 stoked to toss and get thrown this morning. OSS


Something that bugs me are the people who write positive effective or ineffective, or negative effective or ineffective articles on fighters. Calling them soft or lacking courage always huts a nerve. Why, because I know none of these people have experienced combat at a high level. If they were in the ring, cage, or on the mat with the people they talk about they would end up coughing blood, starched out, choked out, or with damaged appendages. That’s just the reality and the courage and level of risk involved in combat is unlike anything else. This is not a game we the people that train aren’t playing a sport, its a way of living because we choose to embrace our fear and better ourselves through true adversities. So you can keep on typing about how Mayweather hugged Pacman or how Cyborg is afraid of Ronda or whatever. Remember or take pause and think what if I was in there with a trained killer with your lack of skill or knowledge of how to defend yourself effectively. That’s all I know a lot of people are trolls and probably feeding them but later I’ll get some aggression out and hopefully teach a Muay Thai class later this week.

-Hit the coastline, Posse out family and folks


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