Jay Jay “This Thing will be DY – NO – MITE”


“Kickboxing and MMA together at the same time, WAIT WHAT?”

I couldn’t ask for more on second thought I could but won’t. This maybe the event that launches Spikes fight venture into the UFC territory. In my opinion Dynamite is correct, what we are seeing from both the UFC and Bellator right now is reshaping the MMA mainstream climate in a positive form. With all the stacked cards high drama promotion and quality production. Bellator is teaming up with a Kickboxing promotion that has the product but lacks the mainstream exposure. The best way to relay what this might feel and look like is if you had 2005-2006 UFC and co promoted with K-1 or Pride FC in that combination some how. This is going to be exciting  to say the least.

To get the exposure from having a highly anticipated event for the mainstream audience perspective needs to be done correctly to get them to tune in, and everything so far points in that direction. So bellator and Glory brought back the tournament, something I see as a draw but also acknowledge as being dangerous for the fighters. Its old school and will pull in the purest who only watches the top skilled fighters fight which would be the UFC exclusively. That being said the high drama incredibly skilled competitors from Glory who are some if not the best strikers in the world combined with very skilled MMA fighters will provide insurance on  the technical side of the fights for those like me who care about the skill being shown. Add on too that a Belt or a shot at a Belt is the prize at the end of these races will add incentive for all out wars or bulldozing performances from these fighters Scott Coker knows this formula from his experience running Strike Forces Grand Prix where Daniel Cormer the UFC’s Light Heavyweight champion gained mainstream notoriety after winning that bracket tournament for the Heavyweight  title not all in the same night but the tournament adds the drama and you pick sides from the jump so you invested in a set of fighters.

The Fights will be amazing the drama will be there the production will hopefully be there. With all the money Viacom has it had better be there in the production, I would hate to see some lackluster visuals like they had during their last card that’s for sure. If this does well just imagine what would happen if they got Fedor in free agency lol CRAZY. All that being said a fight break down and tournament breakdown is coming soon so stay tuned.

-Posse out let’s Blow this popsicle stand Folks and Family


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