AOC: Human Movement

  Guillermo_Rigondeaux_start_training_for_fight_against_Vasyl_Lomachenko  A_Master_In_The_Art_Of_Defense_Floyd_Mayweather_Jr_HD_Original_Video                                       Pernell_Sweet_Pea_Whitaker_The_High_Wizard_of_Defensive_Boxing  Andre_Ward_Kool_On_Highlights                                    Floyd_Mayweather_vs_Canelo_Alvarez_Boxing_Highlights_FWE

“Footwork means either everything or nothing to a lot of people”

To the novice as a mass generalization many folks think of Pacman or Ali’s footwork as the best footwork. While the seasoned fighter or just trained or insiders see a Archie Moore, Larry Holmes, Mayweather Guillermo Rigondeaux, or a Bernard Hopkins as master footwork generals.Setting traps and always staying out of striking distance while being primed to unleash shots, those are the two ends of the spectrum.

Elusive movement and detailed generalship, so how do you get the balance? Story time as a kid in Boxing and TKD my father and mother would always have me dancing to something be it Yuri Buenaventura, Kool and The Gang, Run DMC,Heavy D, James Brown, Prince, MJ, Guy, ect. Those fighters with a smooth footwork usually come from a background of music and dancing being a regular part of life. The theory is to gain some type of natural footwork either learned or natural and a great way to do that is to learn some type of dance step. This is just one way of doing it, look at Conor McGregor he studied movement of different humans and animals and then did Capoeira so hes combining two ways to gain an elusive footwork.

Finding your own natural rhythm and getting comfortable in it to then start breaking that rhythm to set traps is how that natural rhythm extends into reaction and footwork. To avoid getting figured out breaking from your natural movement is a way of setting the bait to cause a reaction from your opponent that’s why the generals of any combat sport usually have  a almost fortune telling ability to predict the shots that are coming. Why, because they are moving in such a way of using an angle that handicaps that opponent so that they can only throw a certain punches. It’s all related footwork staying loose recognizing your own rhythm and stay loose, nothing’s worse then being stiff in combat ask Dennis Siver how that goes.

So that’s for starting to develop that smooth and natural motion then move to using it in a technical sense with a five point Cone Drill. Start with a large square with a cone in the middle, go from one cone on the outside to the middle cone then to another cone. Staying on the outside of that center cone so from the bottom left cone approach with left hand leading visa versa coming out going backwards to the bottom right cone. Having fun creating a rhythm then breaking that rhythm and creating a new one leg feinting with the feet, a key to how any broken rhythm system is built upon.

Then move even more technically have a partner do a flow drill with you no contact though they will throw something and you have to adjust and put yourself in the better position with footwork only. Then move to a heavy bag set up a four corners around it keeping it very tight start swinging the bag and move around it getting use to the inside game so you’re comfortable with the  weight and pressure somewhat and so footwork becomes as much of an instinct as punching look at Floyd he evades and gets out of the clinch and counters more with his feet then his fist. Pivot shuffle turn scoot back dance all of that is important adapting to everything is a key.

-With a purpose Folks and Family, lol lets do this


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