Who are you Punishing Here?


“Stripping Palhares was Necessary, But everything else was a JOKE”

Why, because a lack of regard to your opponents well being shows a lack of professionalism a lack of control, a lack of remorse, and a lack of discipline. The argument I hear from friends that are totally against combat arts or teaching combat to children, is that if you teach kids or people in general what’s to stop something like this from happening? I usually respond with they will end up like me. My mother jokes around about me and my brother being surf bums, because we would train eat train study laugh all the time and relax in the water. She never had a problem with us fighting because my dad and godfather were our role models, it was the image of just because you have a big stick doesn’t mean you have to swing it. It was always better in the long run playing out scenarios to just let things roll of your back until it was necessary. That is the majority of people that have trained, it’s based on who’s training you, how your trained, and if the martial part of the art is being taught with discipline or just with a cursory idea.

I have given Palhares a lot of passes because his move unlike a lot of joint locks is immediately painful so holding is very subject to how it feels to you versus another person. Eye gouging however is what it is a deliberate attack on someone to inflict permanent damage, when it was expressed in the rules and is known to be against the rules. What makes is worse is that Jake was winning he was shutting Palhares down, to cheat win losing is in honorable. He needs to take a deep look at himself and forgive the people that caused him the pain he’s running from. He grew up very poor in a dangerous area as a farmer in Brazil eating pig slop, with no healthcare or mental care, I mean they super glued his chest together after it got cut open. He lived a hard life but right now he needs no distractions and needs to focus on himself and dealing with what causing him to behave this way.

Necessary is not even the right word he needs help and a sport psychologists isn’t the key, it’s going to take his family an experienced professional who deals with early childhood trauma to really start to heal this man. I hope he can see that or his mentors can lead him into that direction, where he will then take it upon himself to free himself of whatever burden is crushing him. It was hard to watch and it angers me that Jake was suspended nothing about that makes since. The only other person that should be suspended by NSAC is Steve Mazzagatti for his lack of control in the bout. You don’t allow some to repeatedly eye gouge like that. Shield was professional and waiting for a call but was never given one, which I’ll get to. The argument of Jon Jones or eye pokes in the UFC is false. Eye pokes happen when someone is pushing off or extending for distance. Not however pushing off to keep Jake from passing or to create space so he can get up or roll for Jake’s legs.

 Screenshot_15 Rousimar_Toquinho_Palhares_vs_Jake_Shields_WSOF_22

If you lay everything out on paper and say this happened 5 or more times and this guy is getting penalized because nothing was done about it. Jake responded that way because the third man in the cage wasn’t looking out for his well being. Attacking the eyes directly could end the standard of his life FOREVER. Steve and the NSAC need to be held accountable, like they posture and accuse organization of being. This has been a ridiculous couple of days and is giving MMA a bad look, but this is a good example to people that train about what you don’t want to become. That’s my surfer hippie mindset coming out.

-Posse out, Stay Chill Family and Folks


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