The Tao of Rousey


“Ronda is more than an athlete that women can look up to”

She’s a modern philosopher for a generation working toward a level of self confidence built on something other than because I think I can then I can, Ronda is showing that I know I can because I’ve worked hard walked through the fire and came out forged like a katana. I see her as a philosopher in action similar to Bruce Lee but more so the physical embodiment of Miyamoto Musashi’s teachings. She has mastery of one thing Judo then she developed mastery of not just fighting or martial arts as a discipline but what she gained from them. She gained what every instructor has spoken to small children about, she mastered accepting herself. By keeping herself dignity while establishing her value as something that is correlated directly with how much work she has done. With that comes the mindset that she can do anything. That’s a universal truth, men need to learn that lesson, because for the average American male they have never felt that they can’t do anything. Why, because of usually a learned superiority, we’ve seen it before. Sorry to continue to s#?t on white American males, but way back before MMA the godfather Bruce Lee showed a swagger and a sense of limitless self value. That’s what we see in Ronda, they show people that were being downcast by society that they have a limitless self value, plus the right to freely and truly express ones self. This is something we see coming from Ronda constantly she is so selfless in her position. She doesn’t run from being a role model and says the things about others that present a less than positive image with little regret. She’s a throwback woman she doesn’t unnecessarily repeat herself,she doesn’t bark, she doesn’t allow others to dictate her happiness, she doesn’t allow societal stigmas to force her to present a false image.

She’s establishing woman have the capacity to defend themselves in spectacular fashion, something I’ve non my entire life because of the martial arts. There’s a reality that everyone needs to know anyone has the ability to throw or hit or whatever to anyone. Women have just recently been added to most people’s list, my belief is everyone should be in martial art so that realization is made before a superiority complex becomes embedded from both sides. I can’t wait to see this younger generation and my own generation in a few years in martial arts, because a shift is coming because of the final catalyst in Ronda Rousey. The equality is coming in everything the workplace, and physically because you can’t take away from the performances in the women’s division. First it was BJJ for the less athletic or physically gifted, then it was Bruce providing an image of pure expression. Now Ronda Rousey is showing that a life of hard work, knowing you can do anything, and struggle does pay off. Everything’s coming together and like Joe Rogan said it’s been an honor to watch since way back in 2004, on my VHS tape with my Judo dad watching her win bronze at the Pan Americans.Cut to tearing up watching her fight because it’s been a wonderful progression.

-Posse out let’s go do some work Family and Folks


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