Ronda Rousey: Beast on the Feet, the Sky’s The Limit……


“Ronda maybe the greatest female fighter at 135 every to exist, p4p the best woman ever…..Duh”

Ronda’s bout or what I call an assault against Bethe Correira was just that an assault and pretty much whatever one knew was going to happen, maybe not with her striking like she did; but more with the blitz, to the clinch, Uchi Mata, to ground and pound or submission. That was her MO for the longest and proved to be unbeatable. Critics wanted to see her strike, but by doing so she showed can throw heat but also that there’s space in striking game. It’s been said by boxers strikers from Muay Thai, etc. Striking has too many variables were grappling has very few. Ronda dominated in her striking at UFC 190 which was good she showed the tactic of volume punching to really force Bethe backwards and off balance before dropping her straight right on the temple very Nick and Nate Diaz of her. This is striking though so until she becomes a Floyd Mayweather or Sanchei on the feet she still has room to improve her striking. But she still out paced and struck Bethe proving she is still a BEAST.

What she has that is beautiful is her lead hook, straight right, and a wonderful knee to the body. Edmond Tarverdyan has her working her straight punches and hooks because when they’re thrown they force her into a position with her opponent where she’s close. She can get the over under and bicep control throw a knee to force her opponent to stop, then throw the Uchi Mata. So fine tuning those movements was the base of her game, what comes know is review. Ronda and Edmond know she can volume punch and drop her opponents in the cage. Which is different then sparring and gym work, under the lights when it mattered she proved she can light someone up.


Now for the glaring issue that Edmond and her crew will see and force her to work on. There’s something that happens in the moment for some fighters when they are throw a barrage of shots where there chins stay up. Instead of keeping your chin down and tucked behind the shoulder during the jab and cross, and keeping a hand up during hooks and uppercuts. What we saw at UFC 190 for those of us that having been striking are entire lives was Ronda wading through shots taking some but biting down and just hitting Bethe with a volume she was not prepared for, respect to Ronda for showing she could do that. There’s just one thing, in striking everything has a weakness when you’re at the top level. High chins get clipped all the time in Boxing, K1, and MMA when a fighter rocked an opponent and lifted that chin in the moment and in the exchange takes a clean hook and gets iced. Raising her arms while she’s striking so her arms are adjacent to her chin.

(Here’s an example of what I’m talking about defense through offense)Tip_for_keeping_your_chin_tucked_in_Boxing-1 Tip_for_keeping_your_chin_tucked_in_Boxing

That’s a real possibility for Ronda and can happen to anyone because a punchers chance is real. There’s a higher percentage of that happening versus very little chance of some defending against her on the ground, outside of the women’s ADCC Champion or Judo Olympians. The other thing I saw in that 30 some odd second assault was a lack of defense, I don’t know if slipping is in Rondas wheelhouse or not but she did get hit more than people would expect. Ronda had Bethe against the cage and was just slugging with her hitting and getting hit. That’s a lack of defense it was like a throwback into old mma, where its was rockem sockem robots if she could develop a comfort in seeing shots and slipping them she would become untouchable. Why, because you get hit, staggered, and Ko’d by zero of the shots you don’t get hit by. Edmond is a world class coach and he will see these issues and have her working her boxing; to develop more comfortability with not just her hands but seeing shots coming.


For the everyday mma fan or just for the Ronda fans who really don’t watch combat sports they saw Ronda straight up jacking Bethe which is true, but for the MMA nerds on the UG and lifelong combat artist that watched it saw Ronda working her hands to see how good they were under pressure. I believe that in practice everything I talked about Ronda is crisp with in training her hands probably look fluid in practice and who knows she could be slipping shots like Pernell Whitaker. The issue is against the likes of Cyborg or Joanna the elite strikers in WMMA, there fights look like there hitting mitts chins down feet and hips turning over everything is perfect same thing goes with Ronda on the ground. But the fight starts standing and if someone who has been striking longer than 3 years like Bethe, or if someone’s been striking as long as Ronda like Holly Holm. Then there’s a huge possibility of Ronda getting shut off during a bout and this train could get derailed in that instant. That’s adding Ronda doesn’t get comfortable striking or gets better in-between now and then.


This is really just a breakdown of what happened, there’s no killing the queen ideas her it’s just what happened. Ronda blasted Bethe and ate her opponents punches but because this is striking everyone has room to improve and everyone can get caught. That’s why you minimize your risk and take advantage where you can and for Rousey the sky’s the limit on the feet.

            -Stay Chill Family and Folks


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