You can call it a comeback

Highlights_Frank_Mir_vs_Todd_Duffee Andrei_Arlovski_vs_Travis_Browne_UFC_187

“Year of the Resurgence”

With the recently announced bout between Andre Arlovski vs Frank Mir two former Heavyweight Champions. The Pitbull who has returned to his old skool form, with a lot of new tricks he showed against a killer in Travis Brown and Big Foot. Frank Mir is the second most dangerous BJJ player at Heavyweight but after a spiral of losses and a draught of fights didn’t help either. Franks do or die KO win against Bigfoot Silva (who just beat Soa Palelei), his slugfest against Todd Duffee proved he’s not down. The old Lions can still scrap and proving there still top notch.

So how did these guys escape having the talk with Rogan? Well its pretty simple, they probably had a talk with someone close telling them about retirement. I can beat you Frank knew that if he couldn’t win against Bigfoot then it was time to leave the gloves I’m the cage, with that in mind he set himself up for the best possible outcome a year in advance. He stopped take damage outside of training camps for fights, he got his body back, he figured out his technical striking for himself. What I mean by that is what it sounds like he stopped getting punched in the head he probably adopted a majority of drilling over sparring for his striking work (a shift in skill programming for a lot of gyms). Franks body has changed he lost the bulk he used to carry that he had to put on to fight Brock Lesnar or so he thought. He can throw shots relaxed instead of tensing up or plotting with his movements now, look at his jab for an example. Add on top of that that Frank is still a world class grappler he’s just opening another dimension to his game. His opponents are still fearing his ground game, and because of that he opens up properly on his feet. So with a respectable stand up game the man named Frank is even more dangerous than before.

For Andre he took a different road after fighting and getting stopped by many Heavyweights at a young age for a Heavyweight he’s made a remarkable comeback with the help of the Jackson’s Gym. His real keys where really growth and skill training. He did a Robbie Lawler suffered through the dark growing pains which gave birth to a Savage Juggernaut. He lost Anthony Rumble Johnson who broke his jaw, he won a controversial decision against Brendan Schaub were many thought he lost. Since he survived that strong of growing pains he really learned from those matches, he learned how patient he needed to be. Realising that his defense against the takedown and standing needed to improve, as well as his footwork plus that angle play that he’s learned from Winkeljohn. He used it all in his real come out party against Bigfoot Silva where he put it all together. Then he did the unthinkable and put the hurt in one Travis Brown, in one of the craziest fights I’ve ever seen. You can’t call it anything but a comeback but his path was a harder one, but like steel the hotter the flame the stronger the metal will be. Forging himself the old skool way worked for Andre for sure.

With these two fighting each other it’s bond to be a classic, but the biggest story won’t be how the fight goes or takes place, but how wild it is that there back in title talks after such layoffs and spirals in their careers.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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