Erick Silva vs Rick Story

 Fight_Night_Rio_Erick_Silva_Highlights  Lei_in_a_bu_rinu_Gunnar_Nelson_vs_Brandon_Thatch

We’ve got to banger ready to go work.

Erick Silva was and still maybe the new Brazilian super star, facing Rick Story a guy who is good at every aspect of MMA. From the war style of fighting to the methodical BJJ game. I see a great bout at 170 between these two, lets break it down.

Erick Silva in his last two fights has won by subs, two chokes. The piece to take from those wins is that they were in the first round no longer. In his last loss against Matt Brown he showed a lot of signature striking tools against a Muay Thai master MMA fighter. His rer round house to the body looks like a front kick by the angle but the hip force is all round house. He buckled Matt Brown multiply times but another signature element in Erick’s game was exposed. The lack of cardio or pacing issues have plagued Erick and we have no way of knowing if he’s fixed it of changed his conditioning. Thats a big key here if he doesn’t have the gas Rick Story will break him just like Matt Brown did.

Rick Story has two recent wins as well one sub and one decision is a 5 rounder against the stoic man himself Gunnar Nelson. Why is that important because it means Ricks grappling grinding game is high level with a win like that.We know his striking is good because of his Kelvin Gastelum fight a split decision loss. So since Rick can grind and strike hes a dangerous match up a 170 for Erick Silva who still has conditioning questions to answer.

This may end up a war if Ericks cardio is up to snuff or it could end up being a weather the early storm and break him for Rick Story. Neutralizing the ground game is a key to staying safe for Rick, because that’s Ericks back up plan if is he’s gassed from the early storm. Again the 170 weight class full of killers has the potential to put on another great one.

– Stay Chill Family and Folks


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