AOC: “Stomp with a Sidekick”


“Be it Bruce Lees JKD, Savate, Hapkido, Conor McGregor, or whoever they love to stomp legs”

That stomping the lead leg from the front and not the side has shown to be as effective as the traditional leg kick that . That being said it is all about landing, but just because it’s difficult to land if you don’t practice it doesn’t make it or any technique ineffective. so practice the motion and apply it in play sparring so you don’t injure your partners and have them hate you. Personally I call it a foot jab because it forces people to reset and can stop people if the volume becomes unbearable. Think of it as a quick low teep, it has been called dirty but in an arena where people are looking to launch there shin, knees, fist, and elbows into your body anything is really acceptable in my opinion. I mean honestly expressing yourself is the what we’re building on at least that what Bruce told us should be an aim for martial arts.

So how do we do this, there’s multiply schools of thought here we have the JKD or Kung Fu style, Hapkido, Savate, theres probably more I’m not thinking of right now. I still reference it as the Bruce kick, his kick starts like a sidekick lifting that lead knee straight up and shooting it out by torquing the body during the thrust. build speed with this motion isn’t the real key its the extension you get on the kick. Speed is secondary because as long as they can’t get out of range by the time the knee comes up for the kick, then they aren’t avoiding it.

Steps to follow

  1. Take a fighting stance then begin the kick.
  2. Bring your knee straight up (to make your opponent think about the kick coming toi the head body or leg)
  3. Avoid a down knee this is usually from a lack of flexibility.
  4. Lean to the opposite side from the torso to stay out of range of any over hand strikes that may come.
  5. Knee up high then twist non kicking foot in direction chest is facing. On extension twist and stay straight.
  6. The best video for understanding the real way to do this is from the Powerful Joe Rogan Powerful Joe Rogan Sidekicking Stuff
  7. Landing with the heel anywhere is ideal, but if the arch lands land it above the knee so you don’t hurt your foot. Courtesy of the good folks at Fight land check out the breakdown with coach Wink.

 machida_jones_ufc_140 The_Oblique_Kick_With_Jon_Jones_Fight_School

Now for the rear leg which is the variation seen significant use in Savate & Hapkido, way of doing things I’m not really in favor of it but if you can use it be my guest. Jon Jones can do it because of the length he has and how he is always a striking length away from his opponent when he throws a kick, but he even got caught by Machida, why because his balance is so off and unrecoverable because of how the body is being contorted in a way that physics doesn’t allow. So even with the advantage you can still get caught. The reason I say that is because the lead leg kick lands a lot cleaner because the distance it has to travel is significantly less. The rear leg requires a heavy use of body motion and with motion means telegraphing, so if it is inherently telegraphed then the only practical use is to use it to block kicks or other attacks already in motion. By doing that you commit to the kick and are stepping in, which could lead to getting caught with a  strike and doubling that force by stepping into it. Focusing on a strike that your opponent can defend against because they see you twisting and stepping for it is easy to block if it is directed at the legs. The less space in time of the strike the better, provide more chance to surprise the target and strike fast and recover fast. Book of water for you be fast like a rip current and hard like a crashing wave folks.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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