Max Holloway vs Charlies Oliveira

 Highlights_Nik_Lentz_vs_Charles_Oliveira  Max_Blessed_Holloway_MMA_Highlights_2014

“Some Wild Heat is Coming”

This is an interesting bout this is interesting because we get to see a constantly improving Max Holloway against an elite grappler similar to what Chad and Conor was supposed to be. Max is a elite fighter and has shown to not have a steep learning curve but rather and small one. In Charles we have a guy who finds a way to get to the mat that’s what he does, there is no Maia in his game where he’s falling in love with striking. Nope Oliveira will stand and gain some respect and at some moment be it the scramble take down slip or knock down he gets you to the mat and subs almost everyone. That’s what makes this still a dangerous fight for both fighters and not some feeder bout for Holloway.

Max Holloway proved he is on his way to the top only guy to go the distance with Conor at 145 so far. We no hes tough as nails, maybe the toughest guy at 145. But he has grown into a devastating martial arts, he lit a former top contender in Cub Swanson on fire for the entire bout. He has a lot of styles he has the Diaz approach with volume striking at 70% mainly to the body then 1 out of 5 is to the head, he has the Condit approach of landing the counter and exploding then stocking from the outside. He’s an all around fighter from skills to styles.

Charles Oliveira is a vicious BJJ centric MMA a fighter he has a knack for catching the sub and finishing. He has the ability to decision or go the distance with high level strikes around his height or shorter but take that equalizer out and he seem to become one dimensional at times.However lately his striking has been improving at a high rate. He’s similar to Max in his use of length, he fights long very well. Against Max someone with an ability to generate distance and close the exit quickly, Oliveira will have to look to establish a standing plan and then shoot for a take down after getting respect in the striking. Why , because he runs a risk standing with Max who is becoming one of the best strikers at 145.

How I see it’s shaking out is Max Holloway wins with a huge statement performance. I feel that Max could finish this fight in spectacular fashion. Giving Charles Oliveira a chance still if he can get Max to the canvas he is dangerous in the submission game, that’s the upset conclusion. Looking forward to seeing Max Holloway throw some wild stuff and make a move to the top tier of the division.

– Stay Chill Family and Folks


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