Danny Garcia vs Paulie Malignaggi

 Danny_Swift_Garcia_Highlights  Paulie_Malignaggi_Highlight_Video

Someones going to make a mainstream breakout in this bout.

What we have here is a clash of slick boxers very different in their slickness. We have Paulie a guy that has talked big and came up short many times or had an embarrassing performance in the ring, but when he’s on he could potentially out point most boxers. Danny on the other side has a resume of wins against the guys Paulie’s beat and those that embarrassed Paulie.

What really makes this interesting is the platform these two are fighting on free TV with two big fighters trying to break into the larger mainstream. Danny is the new Puerto Rican boxer, Cotto is still the big dog but Danny is on the come up being 30-0 is helpful too. Paulie needs a win and he’s gambling with getting destroyed against Danny, the other end is to get his name thrown back in with the big name fighters again if he wins.

How this thing breaks down is a tale of beating the defense. Danny has a beautiful Philly defense and he’s making strides in becoming more practically slick defense. Add on top of that his smooth punching ability , and his footwork that he uses to trap guys and unload perfectly timed combinations.He’s dangerous for all the new welterweight stars coming up, and for anyone near the division. Danny has a knack for landing shot after shot on anyone that’s near him. Meaning he will hit you no matter how fast you are even if you think you’re safe. Being cute slick with Garcia rarely ends well.

Paulie tends to be cute leaning to his right leg to avoid getting hit with his hands down. Again being cute if his hands are down with Danny, a fundamentally sound straight hand is coming down hard on his chin. Why, because Paulie doesn’t usually change his angle and the elevation he usually just changes his elevation which is only half of the story as we know historically. Khan did this same thing so did Porter and Adrien Broner. For Paulie to win he would have to stay moving on the outside and volume punch with jabs, but still keep Danny honest with the cross. Chances of that working are slim add on the lack of power Paulie has. I’ll make a call, Danny Garcia by late stoppage or unanimous decision.

– Stay Chill Family and Folks


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