Make a Change 60×12


“Reprogram Reboot Restart 60×12”

So since I have been posting some metabolic conditioning programs as well as strength training, I’m addressing some things that can help you if your looking to change your lifestyle. I understand and many trainers and athletes understand that not everyone knows how to stay committed to working out, because some many people will miss a day or trip up somewhere but fell bad and don’t go back to it because of that preserved failure. Missing a day or making a mistake isn’t the end of the world, this spartan lifestyle ideal is so far fetched and usually drains people of any want to continue.

What should I do though becomes the question, so what should you do give yourself a goal or a deadline to reach or combine them. What I tell friends family or people that just ask me is to do 60 workouts in 12 weeks. That number is important why because if you plot out your workouts and the times you will do them then your scheduled the work of when and where is finished before hand. The 60 x 12 is ideal because it’s forcing you to change your lifestyle and its reprogramming a new normal. When the workouts then become your new normal if your eating habits were mostly poor before then apply the 60 x 12 eat a majority of clean food 60 days in 12 weeks. Yes you read right a majority of the time why, because stuff f happens and what you do most of the time trumps what happens most of the time. All we are shooting here with this 60 x 12 is programming a new normal in habits.

So give it a try plot it out in your phones calendar or buy one for the bathroom or your bedroom door. You ate a cheeseburger today okay but you ate a protein shake and fruit for breakfast and lunch you ate paleo, then your good try harder if you want tomorrow to go the whole day clean. Don’t beat yourself up but also don’t give yourself a huge cushion so you force yourself to make a new habit or reprogram.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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