Hit the Straights and DASH Young Fella

Highlights_T_J_Dillashaw_vs_Renan_Barao (2)

“Water is fluid, soft and yielding. But water will wear away rock”

“Be like water my friend”

Moments ago we saw a masterful application of the straight punches and the bursting dashes an offensive capacity and a defensive one. What TJ Dillishaw and has Learned form a Mr. Duane Bang Ludwig is the art of efficient movement combined with kinetic linking using his body as a spear. The other beautiful moments where in the blinding use of the straight cross and hooks to disguise the head kick, switch ,and leg kicks.

How TJ connected seems difficult to understand but really its very simple. We all know that the quickest way from one point to another is a straight line. That being the meat of what was creating success for TJ. A connecting piece is the use of the dash, a burst form exerting force from the feet in a linear line but that’s not the only thing happening here. TJ’s footwork was the key to the dash instead of shooting in straight, or on a hard angle he would dash in coming either onto the center off the angle or off the center onto a angle usually with a v Step all ah Dominick Cruz. When hes in the midst of the Dash his hands up which forces the shoulder up to take the counter on the shoulder and back, to defend the counter shifting his head so his landing hand is in the direct line as his chin. Once he connects TJ is immediately exiting on another hard angle and connecting again. Hes not forcing his power hes using his hips and the force generated from his feet and calves off the take off to generate force. What cant be stressed enough is that TJ can strike in this way from the bounce and off the rooted stance.

 Highlights_T_J_Dillashaw_vs_Renan_Barao (1)

The efficiency of movement is another big key to the masterful straight punches, a big part was not over extending on his shots. He steps and connects never muscling shots from the shoulders or just throwing wild heat. The step is key look at this Marvin Hagler Article Jab article.

The step was key but the devils in the details the lead step dominance is key staying on the outside when TJ went southpaw. When he was leading in the south paw stance TJ would step off to the outside . Landing with his jab and then having the superior angle to do whatever he wants. We saw this very clearly when TJ landed a 3 jab combination backing Renan up. TJ has put himself again into a class of the BEST strikers in the moder UFC with his use of the “Neo Footwork”, Dutch Muay Thai kicks, layered behind the mad scientist Duane Ludwigs combinations.


All of these things combined to produce what we saw tonight a masterful use of straight punches we rarely see outside of the boxing elite such as Mayweather, Pacquiao, The Klitschko’s, or Bernard Hopkins. What we have seen in mma since UFC 189 is a crazy level of striking. Added stress with the size of the gloves in the cage the smallest hole in ones defense, or the lack of distance created becomes a gaping hole the size of a cave opening for one of these devastating blows to land inside of. We are hitting a new level we are reaching a point where the classic idea that no MMA fighter would stand a chance with a striker in there art, that ideas losing weight because of how hard it is to have traditional defense in MMA versus a larger gloved combat art. High level strikers teaching these high level athletes and new fighters that have been striking at a high level striker in boxing or Muay Thai champions are entering MMA with a developed ground game. So if you are a fan of this art get ready to see some more wild and technical things happen in the octagon in this Neo era.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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