AOC Workout: “The Notorious B.I.G. – Machine Gun Funk (Woody Remix)”  Screenshot_11

“Burn baby feel that quick burn lol”

This is in contrast to the endurance workout keep a high intensity and feel the movements but pacing shouldn’t be a huge concern. Feel the Machine Gun Funk rhythm and just attack it like Biggie attacks the track lol.

Now for some fun weight training, so say your on a twice a week squat plan and are wanting to weight train on top of that but want more fun versus slow boring workout. Wells here a program I came up with for that reason.

2K Row have fun challenge yourself for the first 500 meters try to get a sub 2 minute time.

Dead Lift  10 reps at 40% Rx -9 reps at 50% Rx -8 reps at 60% Rx -7 reps at 80% Rx -6 reps 85% Rx at -5 reps at 90% Rx or do below Hang Snatch Pulls at the same prescription for the nut ones out there.

Pull Ups 10-9-8-7-6-5-4

Wall Ball throws 21-14-9

Wash and Repeat if you feel like it.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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