Magny vs. Maia Welterweight Contenders

Fight_Night_Manila_Neil_Magny_Staying_Busy  UFC_Series_grandes_momentos_de_Demian_Maia_e_Erick_Silva

“A Master in Grappling vs the Master of pacing”

Neil Magny vs Demian is a fight between two slept on, high combat artist. Neil is a guy that sets and holds a steady pace that is head and shoulders above any pace that can be held by the vast majority in his weight class mix in a razor sharp and sound striking game and ever evolving high level grappling game. You have the making of a legendary fighter, then consider that he is one of the most active fighters on the roster and stays fresh year round. Demian Maia is one of the highest level BJJ players the UFC has ever had ever, point blank, period, put a stamp on it certified. Maia striking has been improving in every fight he’s had and at this point is dangerous not as dangerous as his ground game obviously but still a threat. This is a sleeper fight mainstream wise but for the mma insiders grappling fans this is a big fight.

Breakdown the skills is pretty for Neil hes a “Gazelle’ quoting Brenda Schaub there, what that means is he doesn’t get tired even when you think hes will 3rd round he will look and feel and pressure like its the first round. This is only a problem because of the pace he’s setting, to give a good representation take a 400 meter runner and a 100 meter sprinter have them run a mile the sprint may have a quicker burst for limited time but if he tries to pace the 400 meter runner will set a pace that the sprinter can’t sustain for a mile. In simpler terms he just uses the cardio he has from training at elevation in Denver in the best way possible. Niels striking is super fundamental very little wasted movement or wasted opportunity, his jab is crisp and the cross is crisp as well. He lacks devastating power but makes up for it with high volume striking where he will finish by TKO or catching a Sub on the canvas. Magny doesn’t get careless and has proved he’s up to the task of weathering the early storm to the then comeback and wreck his gassed opponent. Grappling wise he is high level a brown belt under Miguel Torres and Andre Leite with great wrestling as well, Neil like with his striking never stops working for the submission. This is high level active UFC fighter trying to make a name and continuing his win streak.

Demian Maia called by many “the greatest BJJ player in the cage”. Demian Maia has tapped heavy weights in competition and praised by Frank Mir as strides above even him. After dropping down to welterweight Maia has been on a 2 fight win streak and is looking for a big win against Neil Magny. This is easy to breakdown Maia gets the advantage on the canvas just off of the resume and his 4th degree BJJ black belt. No striking is something Maia has been focusing on to create a more well rounded fighter but it’s not as crisp or as volume intensive. That’s no reason to sleep on Maia if he gets someone hurt and on the ground its pretty much over if gets his hands on you.

How this fight breakdown on how good Maias conditioning is and if he can keep up with the pace Neil sets. If Magnys starts tagging him up with volume it will take a toll and he will look to get Maia to the ground and ground and pound him for the TKO. If Neil tries to sub Maia I feel Maia will recover and sweep and treat Neil like a rag doll and eventually get the sub or dominate the round from the ground. For Maia to win he has to either keep up with pace and strike and not get hit and shoot and show all sorts of looks to keep Neil guessing. Or Demian can shock Neil with an early shot staggering him and take him down and catch the early submission something that  Hyun Gyu Lim couldn’t do. This will be an interesting fight for both guys it has the ability to elevate their stocks at welterweight.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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