Gahelha vs Aguilar: #1 Spot

 Alida_Gray_v_Jessica_Aguilar_WSOF_8_Full_Fight  Fight_Night_Phoenix_Cl_udia_Gadelha_The_Art_of_Training

“Two of the best straw-weights are gonna go at it”

This is going to be one barn burner of a contender fight Claudia is the Queen of Nova Uniao in Brazil, and the last women to give Joanna  Jedrzejczk the Champion really problems and some say she won their fight. Who is this Jessica Aguilar well she’s was in many peoples eyes the best non UFC strawweight in the world and she warrants a number 1 contender bout as her debut because of how good she is.

Skill wise Jessica is a top flight fighter I mean she trains at ATT she kind of has to be good right. Well her game is well rounded she delivers heavy shots when she has a someone hurt and can pick her shots and mix her angles and elevation to get people hesitant because her takedown his good. Her abilities mirror GSP’s in that you don’t know if a jab or lead hook is really that or a cover for the takedown. If and when she gets you to the ground the Ground and Pound is vicious with this one, but she’s also no slouch off  her back don’t let the purple belt fool you she has a very crafty game of her back that gets her back to her feet quickly. Jessica is a fighter that gets better after every fight and has shown a  lot of growth since her switch from Bellator and WSOF and now to the UFC, that’s the X-factor and what makes her so dangerous is her limited learning curve.

For Claudia you have the youngest BJJ Black belt under Andre Pederneiras, plus that Nova Muay Thai striking. She went the distance with Joanna and could have one depending on who you talk to. Her grappling is by far the best in division because of how she’s shown when she backs you up against the cage, she immediately changes levels shoots the double leg gets the take down to mount which leads to an amazing ground and pound game. elbows from the top punches and submission tries. She is one bad woman the striking makes you immediately think of Jose Aldo because how fast her 1,2 leg kick  3,2 leg kick and the  2, 3 to the body then leg kick it’s just so fast and powerful. She does give up some shots because her defense isn’t so great relative to her competition.

How this breaks down can’t really be broken down on paper because of the grit and determination. Plus other X-factors being how good has Jessica’s ground game gotten and can she stand with Claudia when the fight really gets grueling because that leg kicks coming and that lead hands coming like a piston so will Jessica wade into the deep water and slip and rip and let the deep water take her, or will she she fight the rip current and drown in the volume power and damaging leg kicks. This is all round fight and could be the best fight on the card for all we know. So I’m rolling with my girl Claudia because this is really just  a pick em kind of bout.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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