Fight Between Incredible Finishers



Ovince Saint Preux vs Glover Teixeira

      This is a very important fight for both Glover and OSP. For OSP this fight could bring him back to the top of the light heavyweight division with a big win over and motivated Teixeira. For Glover this fight he needs to win against a hungry dangerous young fighter that would put him right back in that top tier area in the division lining up a fight with Ryan Bader or Rashad Evans moving him closer to the title.

For OSP he has made quite an impression in his fights be it his most recent ko of Pat Cumming or his crafty jiujitsu game locking in a Von Flute Choke against Nikita Krylov. He is no joke he’s talked highly of by Eddie Bravo and is his advisories in the division. What’s wild is how quickly he adjusts when he’s throwing he can adjust mid strike to the defense he sees and land an equally powerful shot where its open. He’s not as clean as the top strikers nor is his grappling as clean or polished as the top tier grapplers in the division. What he does have is the ability to put it all together by changing his levels and angles to keep himself safe while landing from distance; where he then can smother and clinch to push his  opponents cardio, then breaking and hitting them with a comet like lead hook or cross. Now because of his lack of high level experience he could fall victim to exploding too early in the bout, where  getting caught with something or getting drowned on the canvas by a a grappler vastly better than himself is a real possibility.

Now for Glover this is the man the Chuck Liddell talked so highly lets not forget that. After his fight with Jon Jones he changed, mainly because of the lack of a quality camp and training.  His bout with Phil Davis really showed how important a quality camp is where he was getting outstruck by a fighter who he should have out struck easily. Now in my opinion the power he has is only dwarfed by Anthony Rumble Johnson. He has great boxing ability and knows how to box a kickboxer or someone with power which he showed against Fabio Maldonado. He has a good chin and can take whatever you throw and still remain a threat with his timing and power. Glover has top level jiujitsu a black belt with crafty submission ability and probably the best that OSP has seen in the cage. He stops guys by either subs or by KO and TKOs there’s little give in him when he’s on and I believe he will be on for this one.

Now for brass tacks, to be honest who the hell knows who’s gonna win this fight there’s too many immeasurable that play a key in this kind of fight. For one how good has OSP ground game gotten, second has Glover been really training, third will experience play a big part here. If it becomes a slug fest will Glovers boxing ability win out or will OSP super reaction and reflex style of striking win out. So as you can see a lot of things can be equal on the feet but something you can’t see nor measure until it happens is reactions in stressful situations on the canvas. So yeah who knows, all I know is Nashville is gonna be rocking in August during this fight so get to a bar grab a cold one and watch something wild especially after the crazy momentum UFC 189 just created.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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