Beneil Dariush & Micheal Johnson I see a “WAR” coming

        Beneil_Dariush_UFC_Fight_Night_39_pre_fight_interview Fight_Night_Porto_Alegre_Michael_Johnson_Highlights

“Another war is just over the horizon folks”

Another wave is coming, the little gloves can’t block shots like boxing gloves, the level changes and the amount of shots that have the possibility of getting thrown and landing is incredibly high with of the level of fighters now. UFC 189’s co main event put on display high level technical skill and the reality of combat that even with great defense you’re still getting hit in mma unlike in boxing where the name of the game is hands only and defense can get you out of taking any number of shots. The reality of WAR in the cage is not going to be like old skool boxing WARS. Modern Warfare in the cage is that merging of technical skill and high percentage skills. Cause and effect here is a fighter that gets hit with these shots to dig deep, and reach that “Animal State” where they are reacting in the moment with defense and return fire.

Back to this coming fight Beneil Dariush is a high level grappler black belt under Romulo Barral and a high level striker under Rafael Cordeiro at Kings MMA. He is a systematic fighter that exploits all mistakes and tendencies. Watching him I can make the easy comparison for people who want to watch a fundamentally sound fighter watch this guy, similar to how a boxer would watch Juan Manuel Marquez. Fundamentals that are razor sharp and an ability to keep a fight at the pace he wants, spiking when he feels like it versus redlining and gassing out. He’s the new age exemplified high level at everything and knows how to mix it fluidly with the mindset to exploit everything that comes to him.

Michael Johnson is a Blackzilian fighter with great wrestling ability and a growing BJJ game with Dutch kickboxing thanks to the Master Henri Hooft and Pedro Diaz. This man beat and I dont just mean beat, I mean BEAT Edson Barboza at his own game kickboxing. He has a level of cardio that’s similar to Neil Magney, but he has bombs and speed in his strikes how he gained the nickname Blackiao because of his speed power and use of angle walking. He has a style of striking that’s very dutch based his jab is a piston that cross is coming like a bullet, and the leg kick is just waiting to destroy that knee. Johnson has a bag full of useable strikes kicks at all levels and a pace that breaks guy piled on top of that is his power and grit.

Now for the fight breakdown this is a pick’em fight really, choose your favorite fighter and roll with them. I can’t really pick between the two I can give you the way both could win in this match but they are both very evenly matched. For Beneil he has to gain control of the pace of the fight and establish respect from Johnson and pick his shots selectively not getting into a rapid exchange is a key that’s where Johnson finds success cracking in the scramble. If he wins on the feet he needs to stagger Johnson and get the pick like he did against Jim Miller, a high level BJJ player. Staying safe is Beneils style he’s safe while making you unsafe thats his technical ability by doing that and controlling the pace he can win by getting a su.b which is highly likely or by catching Michael standing and putting him away.

For Michael to win it’s a similar game plan, he needs to keep it standing and pressure and pressure and pressure and guess what some more pressure. Thats how he got the win against Barboza pressure and keep a even burn that the opponent can’t match. Break Beneil standing which is going to be tough, stay away for the mat because Beneil’s crafty off his back and on anyone’s back. Johnson needs to create those in pocket exchanges where he’s landing and slipping and landing, he makes opponents throw wild heat while he stays technically sound. Power pace and forcing Beneil into bad angles and adjusting during exchanges is the keys to a KO, TKO, or unanimous decision.
This will be another WAR like fight because of the level of striking and because of the lack of fear of the ground for both guys in different ways of course. Like I have stated before the lack of fear allows fighters to really open up on the feet and unleash the wild stuff. So grab a cold whatever coconut water, acai, beer, water, or whatever and watch some high level fighting.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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