Tate vs Eye Grudge Match

   UFC_Road_to_the_Octagon_Dillashaw_vs_Barao_2 (1)  UFC_Road_to_the_Octagon_Dillashaw_vs_Barao_2

“We’ve got ourselves a little bit of a grudge match here folks”

Miesha Tate vs Jessica Eye, it seems Miesha can’t make any friends Ronda dislikes her for her lack of interpreted integrity and Jessica dislikes her for being fake and annoying. Since I could really give a damn about all that lets break this puppy down.

Where are these two ladies strong at, well really its a contrast of styles we have the grappler in Miesha versus the striker in Jessica that’s a very cursory point of view. Miesha wrestling we have to assume is better and her ability to mix the punches and kicks to disguise the shot is her bread and butter its what everything built on. Once she gets it to the ground she’ll look to grind you out or catch the sub for the win. I doubt her striking is at the level thats shes just going to go and T off on Jessica, so a KO victory standing is a little far fetched but not out of the realm of possibility this is a fight after all. Now on the ground I say she has a solid advantage from the top but if she gets sweeped or ends up on bottom I don’t see her guard as being so crafty making her a huge threat, but she’ll be able to survive in that position to get to the stand up or an easy sweep. Miesha’s typical grinding style of fighting at a high pace and with alot of shots taken and landing makes this fight a prime candidate for fight of the night if not for Dillashaw vs Barao 2 being the main event. So for Meisha doing what she does best she be at the top of her list for this fight.

Jessica is a tough high level striker with incredible take down defense. She the female Matt Brown and another “ Ohio” product. Jessica with land land and land some more forcing you to take a low telegraphed shot on her lead leg and she stuff it. When you back on your feet after that burst of energy she unloads, with the body kicks head kicks straight punches plus elbows and knees from the clinch. She is very dangerous and outclasses the division standing. She will turn the heat up on you by landing the thudding shots to the body and when you’re trying to recover and cant she shuts you off. Good luck taking this one down, but if she ends up on her back she can survive depending on the caliber of grappler she is facing. Against Alexis Davis she survived to a decision loss, against Sarah Kaufman survived to a NC that was later overturned. She has subs off her back catching the best kickboxing strikers at women’s bantamweight in Zoila Frausto in an arm triangle. Jessica is no scrub, and because the fight starts standing she gets the early advantage and a pacing advantage since she loves breaking people with her pacing and body shots.

The two ways I see this fight going are Jessica stops Meisha by breaking her on the feet stuffing the take down and just pounding her way to a TKO stoppage or a KO. Similarly I see Meisha winning by sub or ground and pound TKO, that’s no easy task for either woman. Meisha has a chin on her and is willing to go through the fire and so is Jessica but I feel getting the takedown will be the deciding factor in this fight. For me I would love to see Jessica win to shake up the rankings and give Ronda a different opponent I really don’t need to see Ronda vs Miesha 4 for a while give her some new faces.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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