Vale Tudo Shorts “Don’t call it a COMEBACK”

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LL Said and I’ll Say it again “DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK”

Don’t call it a comeback the VALE TUDO shorts and by extension tights are here to stay and are becoming more popular. This is just a fun post not some news update or breakdown just me showing love to the one article of clothing. I can’t train without, or swim, run, sleep, etc, I love these things I wear them under my slacks when I was  working in the corporate world and then I would be ready for my training sessions after work. I have been on the short end at gyms where I get scolded for wearing them in the pool and during yoga sessions. I’m happy to say the tide is turning yoga studies are more open to tight shorts and above knee shorts are pushing hard for it to be accepted everywhere. Its a similar argument that women have about yoga pants, I worked for my shape and I’m on my way to go train why are you staring at my back end. Now I know the opposing argument men have bits that stick out in the front and with skin tight shorts on its very distracting for people. I’m not endorsing that men just walk around in spandex, well I kind of am but my opinion is walk around like that at the academy you train at or at home you can go just Vale Tudo shorts. What I’m saying is ditch the underwear and boxers and shorts under your pants and trade them in for the vale tudo shorts they provide a wide range of mobility, they look DOPE, and are tougher than anything else for combat sports. Wear them under the Gi, wear them during no Gi, wear them under your boards shorts during striking training or ditch the board shorts, spar in them, swim in them , run in them, and sleep in them. Plus your partner will appreciate the view from behind.

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Stop covering up and limiting your mobility. With these on even with pants on I can still high kick and knee roll around grappling everything is possible with these on. And if you need anymore reasons to experiment with them look at Might Mouse, TEAM ALPHA MALE, Conor McGregor, Benson Henderson, Anthony Pettis, Phil Davis, Robbie Lawler switched to them, RDA, Ronda Rousey, RICKSON MUTHAF$#@IN GRACIE wore them, ROYLER GRACIE, RENZO GRACIE, The GRACIE KILLER Sakuraba, Josh Barnett, Mark Coleman, Fedor, Anderson Silva, Shogun, etc. All of the best wear them lol, why because of the security in the package they create and mobility you have in them. If you want to feel free in all aspects give them a go and rejoice.

-Stay Chill Family and Folk


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