Fedor: The Old Guards Emperor


“Return of The Emperor”

Fedor’s making a comeback is a ll see on my timelines on my google updates on Bellator this weekend from students and friends, I couldn’t escape the questions where will he go who will he fight will he make a good showing?

Personally I could give a damn who he fights for but I see why people are concerned if he fights for Bellator he looks like hes ducking the UFC, who has a row of guys that beat him in Strikeforce. If heads to Bellator the heavyweight title is a ll but his because of how thin that lineup is, hell get paid a ungodly amount of money because all Viacom really cares about are high ratings and a Fedor return is almost as big as a Brock Lesnar Return. Now for the UFC if where to return to the UFC he would get the chance to face the men he beat him and possibly win the last title he would need to be crowned the greatest heavyweight of all time. That assuming we get the Fedor that has gone back to his old ways of precision punching creating scrambles off the takedown cracking with wild heat in the transition and vicious grappling ability mixed with powerful striking and a stoi mindset when it comes to fighting. The bad is he will probably not make near the money he would at Bellator and his management company M1 Global wont like not having co-promotion and a flood of money, there on some oligarch type stuff over there. That’s the brass tacks of the fight game if he comes back that’s what he’ll be dealing with.

Now for the really important stuff, how will he look fighting in either organization? It was public knowledge to those that watched Fedor and studied his training that after his Pride days he really wasn’t training the same way, little to know conditioning and strength training a focus on the technical skill work but nothing else. Before when he was undefeated he was one of the first to adopt the kettlebell as a mainstay of his training he was he was a very athletic heavyweight and conditioned for the fights he took part in. When he got to Strikeforce he was really a shell of himself because he was never the best striker or grappler he had winning balance of striking grappling an explosion that he could call on at a moment’s notice. Take that explosion away and you take a lot of the danger he presented away as well. The crazy thing is the gamble anyone fighting him will be taking because of what you know he’s capable of and judging themselves against the best Fedor, because lesson number 1 or 2 is never underestimate your opponent.

How I see this playing out is a quick resurgence all depending on if and when he loses followed by how he looks in his fights. If we get the old Emperor then we may be in for a cross promotional super fight between him and Werdum or wait for it………………. Jone Jones, bringing back the glory days. Or this could end like a lot of retired legends comebacks where everyone just shakes there head asking why anyone allowed this to happen. Only time will tell but that’s my 2 cents for you.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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