The Art of Combat Kinetic Linking

You can Absorb the effective and discard the limited, like the icons of fighting innovators before us.

What we Absorb?

“To improve Speed build Dexterity” 

For TKD there is a large amount time spent on keeping everything speedy, but dexterity lends itself to speed not having to think about throwing either leg. Staying fast is staying elusive if you’re stagnant in your motion you will get hit. Take that for what it is a theory on perpetual motion. Why, so you can develop speed and accuracy even when venturing into an exhausted state. So what do you do, run combinations of singular kicks on a pad or on a heavy bag.

Say what, lets start with the basics. Take your roundhouse kick lead and rear, being able to throw these one after another after another is a great way to break someone to the body. So drill roundhouse body level kicks on a bag in rapid sequence like this gif with rapid kicks.

Then move to another kick say for example a sidekick you’re not drilling super rapid sidekicks I wouldn’t advise that instead I have some ideas that will give you the same benefits. Set up either two heavy bags or partners with kick sheilds on your right and left sides. Throw a proper side kick slowly then do the same on the other leg right after throwing the first kick. as you progress speedup without sacrificing kicking.

for a refresher ->

Once you hit around 200 kicks on each side stop unless you feel like going on lol. Break it up by 25 or 50 but keep the continuous reps high. The same process can be used for turning side kicks all you need to do as create a larger amount space between you and the target, also don’t do a high volume of turning kicks dizziness will come quickly do like 5 on each side and take a second to regain yourself.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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