“The Godfather Bruce Lee was a 5’7 133lb DRAGON”

Hello everyone I hope your days going well, today I’m going to be touching something I wrote in my post “ What UFC 189 just provided for all the short guys”. There is a reason I believe that not just short guys should train in some type of martial arts but everyone should. Okay before someone jumps on me there’s a reason everyone should train,there is something about martial arts that has some type of deep effect on people, for example in BJJ or Judo you get this incredibly sobering realization that anyone with experience or just good technique can literally flip you slam you on the ground with little effort, I mean look at Ronda Rousey she can lift ground men and from experience I’ve seen women Uchi Mata or hip toss grown men like it was nothing. That moment of realization that there was nothing you could do with all your power or force your size it doesn’t matter it means absolutley nothing, and by extension the shorter guy is usually faster and more technical so the shorter guy usually out techniques the bigger stronger person especially in grappling. Plus its a great workout wanna have the body and athletic ability of a fighter then you better start training like one.

So what should I do you ask well first off do what those trained kills in the cage do, first I’ll touch on the guys with a training history. If you have a history in anything like Taekwondo go back to it or switch kicking arts and go towards Muay Thai or Kickboxing. If you have a history in Karate go straight to boxing or Muay Thai to learn to evade real fire instead of point fighting. If you have a history in Wrestling or Judo get back into it and after your back into it jump into the jiu jitsu world which is the small man’s best tool, because on the ground height is a hindrance long limbs make for great tools to snap and it’s easy to take a big persons back.

For the guys that lack a practical martial arts background like in something like ninjutsu or Kung Fu (excluding JKD Bruce Lee was the TRUTH) Krav Maga, Boxercise, Aikido somewhat, anything with a death touch or balm or chi attack needs to be wiped from your mind. So where do you start, well address you weak points if its athleticism which leads in self to punching slipping and kicking then move away from that to start and move towards grappling. Its just as grueling and real as striking, so jump into a BJJ class they love everyone that walks into a school. Why should you grapple, because you being less athletic have no choice but to focus on the technical sides of BJJ, Judo, and wrestling. If you jump right into striking you could take a lot more shots then you need to and will probably get nothing out of it and quite, mission failure.

In grappling muscling through everything is shut down immediately so play towards your strength and what was considered a weakness has now become a strength, and since you don’t know what it’s like to muscle through something you have no other option but to learn the best technique. Picking a school consider the founders schools Gracie Academy at the top of your list, then any submission tournament champions schools or an ADCC champions school they are everywhere. After rolling for a while your confidence in defending yourself will improve and your physical changes will be very apparent, you will lose a lot of fat improve muscle definition and bone density. Then move into striking if you want to be well rounded or keep grappling which is perfect for defending yourself against any douche at the party.

For the guys again that lack experience if you are very athletic or have athletic ability and workout or whatever try striking because in the grappling you could just muscle through things at the beginning. Then when you get shut off by the blue or purple belt females in the gym that white belt self esteem will get crushed and you might quite, mission failure. So try striking, why because you can use that athleticism for a while and gain a respect for the technical sides of thing. Something again happens in striking training there’s something about learning to strike where you learn even if you good with you athleticism you learn how un-fluide you are or how much skill outweighs everything else. You may be hitting and exchanging in sparring but you’re not winning because you have to explode to get out of situations while someone with skill just has to analyze what’s happening and make fine adjustments versus you making huge adjustments with burst of explosion. Sooner or later you’ll crisp up your jab and crisp up the foot workout, start working on the defense of slipping punches and using your core and legs versus muscling all your strikes with your biceps or just your legs for kicks. Coming from a striking background I can attest that this happens to about 99.9 percent of the people that go to a gym a realization moment will happen. You will realize the reason that Robbie beat Rory at UFC 189 (plug to the my article about it on the personal blog)

is because the smaller guy wins in any striking arena  because of a superior technical application, and sometimes a mix of athletic ability. The roots of anything are the mastering of the basics.

Again something I need to stress no one’s going to bully you in the gym everyone goes there for that exact reason the vast majority of fighters or people that train are super docile. Why because we are getting all the aggression out sparring or doing whatever. Once the training becomes a part of your life you’ll want to improve upon your body more and you realize that short guys have the best luck. What do you mean that can’t be true, it is and ill explain why. We are faster and pound for pound more explosive and have cardio for days, meaning speed plus ability to go forever when in good cardio condition. Now I say that to stress a point about confidence, because you have been training in  comfortable and in uncomfortable positions or are comfortable defending yourself. After all the time training these moments register as fun more than high stress panic moments, yourself confidence will sky rocket and people will see that. Even if you have a healthy confidence level, you’ll have a level of confidence not only in theory but in practical applications which is something totally different. Back to the gym thing I said that statement that didn’t really connect with the confidence thing if you don’t read into it. I said that because most people aren’t looking at what advantages the do have but at what they don’t have, think about it what short guy is telling women who say that “you have a small penis” yeah that’s fine but I can go for hours, and make sure you can’t walk in the morning. Think about it most people with a lack of confidence wouldn’t say that but someone with a healthy confidence in one’s self would have no problem saying that without missing a beat.

Okay so you’ve read my long rant all I’m really saying is training in a self defense art is not only good for the obvious but good for your mental health. The Karate Kid was right Daniel-san’s whole being was bettered and everyone noticed. The goal isn’t to beat up the bullies or proving a women wrong its really just to prove all the self doubt that’s gathered in your mind from them, that your . Its something we all struggle with myself included then I look at my watch and realize it’s time to go kick and punch things or teach kids to strangle each other lol. This all just my personal testimony as an instructor and kids coach, I just see it everyday someone getting that it’s all clicking now moment every time I walk in the gym. So try it or not all you’ll get is a better overall you in everything you exist in physically, mentally, socially, or spiritually.


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