UFC 189 showcase for everyone 170lbs and below


“Smaller weight classes seem to be the most drama filled and exciting ” 

UFC 189 showed us that the short guys, meaning 145 pounds and below are some of the p4p best fighters on the planet. After what Conor McGregor has done for the division and bring more attention to it as well as the divisions below him. The casual fan is now realizing yeah you can be tall and use power to get through some things, but the light weight and shorter guys are using technique and skill to win and proving that they are the baddest mother fuckers in the room. Take a look at some of the small guy over coming the big guy fights, Frankie Edgar vs Grey Maynard, Benson Henderson vs Brandon Thatch, and we’ll Mighty Mouse Demetrius Johnson’s fights at 135 he always gave up a lot of height but still won standing and on the ground. Really even Mike Tyson was the short guy but because he was a Heavyweight he didn’t have to go through that scrutiny of being judged by everyday people because he was smaller than everyone he fought. Just know that even the little guys that train can and will most likely light anyone bigger than them on fire. I’m saying all of that to say this. I can’t tell you how many times a girl friend of mine will say she doesn’t feel protected with a shorter guy, it boggles my mind. Why AOC well kids I tell you why because it’s happened to me and not to stick out my chest or anything but I know I can’t protect those I care about from physical harm I hold a black belt in TKD a brown belt in Judo (from sheer dumb luck I might add) with alot of no gi bjj mat time, 18 years of boxing experience, and 10 years of Muay Thai experience. Now I know my resume and something my mother told me comes to mind “to brag is to show your cards at the poker table”, so I would keep my mouth shut. Eventually someone would recognize me from the gym or a student who is much bigger than me would come by to chat, usually about how tired he or she was after are sparring match giving my girlfriend my resume in drunk guy talk. He or she will then leave and then my date or what was my date will inquire about the sparring match, I usually then will ask “so before you didn’t feel protected whats changed?” I’ll get the well before I knew you were could beat up people I didn’t feel safe but now I do. That’s the part that would usually bother me, okay so if you didn’t know I had high ranking belts and beat people up in sparring and on the mat I would be undesired. Guys there’s a double standard for men and women as many of you know, I didn’t pursue anything with this women because of it. Which is positive and negative, positive you could chalk her response to me as ignorance of what short guys are capable of. I mean effective martial arts were designed for small opponents to defeat larger opponents. Negatively you could call her response shallow because she generalized protected with only bigger and stronger but not skilled and experienced. So what’s that mean for the other little guys AOC? Well it means multiple things in different situations. For one drop the hot potato before it burns you, meaning if you hear something in a certain way that is demoralizing to you inquire about but make known you have no desire to continue pursuing. Another meaning is she might be right about you not being able to protect yourself or her, one of my philosophical geniuses is Joe Rogan. A fellow comrade in shortness and commentary for the UFC holds to black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Eddie Bravo and Jean Jaque Machado and former Massachusetts State TKD champion. He has made a lot of observations into men as a whole, one being a lot of mean can’t defend themselves and a lot think they can until it happens. For us short guys a lot of us will get upset with the women that say these things, but many don’t want to acknowledge that they are somewhat right. I know the argument that you can talk your way out of anything so therefore you don’t need to fight, yeah but that’s not solving the problem I suggest you either start training and then shut women down when the sentence leaves their lips and ask any more excuses or you can take it as a loss and move on. I will touch on the what, when, where parts of the benefits to training; plus the different systems and why they are beautiful for the short guys in a later post. Just know that in certain situations the harsh and negative could be wrong or it could hold some weight, you have to decide if you’ll let it eat away at you are to just move on. Most times if someone is so fixated on your height something you can’t control, you have to ask yourself what else are they going to fixate on and do I want that kind of crazy in my life.


-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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