Look look PKA is Making a Come Back Daniel-San, quickly get Gi

            Stephen_Wonderboy_Thompson_Highlights  Master_of_Kicks_Anthony_Showtime_Pettis_2015 (2)  Ultimate_8_Jon_Jones

Mister Miyagi these FOOLS AOC-san

       “Are TKD and Karate PKA styles making a comeback” well yes and no depending on the situation and what else your training. What do I mean by that, Well I believe that those kicking techniques are still alive and well if done correctly and ingrained in the mind peep the links for some help with your sidekicks and hook kicks off the lead leg. https://aockl.wordpress.com/2015/07/02/the-art-of-combat-kinetic-linking-tkd-3/

Now as it comes to PKA style arts or the martial arts that are most commonly used in those tournaments, in all out hand to hand combat something we learned this past UFC with Conor McGregor on his back or any high level striker in the cage that holds a belt or etc they have a ground game where they are comfortable on the bottom. That would be the no of the yes and kn if you don’t have a ground game or if you’re not comfortable on your back even if you can’t stop the takedown it really matters less if you can defend off you back and stay comfortable. Joe Rogan has stated it as well as high level grapplers that if a person feels safe or at home on the ground on the bottom they will really open up on the feet look at Anderson Silva, talk about a guy opening up off the ground he feels safe on the feet and on the ground he defends leg locks he can submit people and get back to his feet. Without those tools then PKA style striking or TKD, Savate, Karate or whatever can only carry you so far. Theres a reason Bruce Lee trained with Judo Gene Lebell and added grappling to JKD as well as Chuck Norris training BJJ with the Machados back in the early days, because you need to get rid of the nervousness of being on your back. So yeah have fun training that stand up game but remember there’s a high probability you will end up on your back so train that as well so you can explode without fear standing up.

                       MMA_Sidekick_Drills_and_Development_Tutorial  Master_of_Kicks_Anthony_Showtime_Pettis_2015

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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