Holly Holm vs. Marion Reneau something incredible happened


Beauty in Striking from a Beautiful Master

Something happened during this fight while I was watching with my technical analyst hat on. I saw the beautiful mixture of pure boxing offense and defense with beautiful kickboxing.Holly Holms has done what every guy in the pound for pound list has said they were the best at boxing and kickboxing fluidly, well Im here to say they all pale in comparison to what Holly Holm’s has showed us against a top tier fighter in Marion Reneau. Holly is a master boxer one of the best women to do it and by extension one of the best boxers to ever enter into mma. Mix in the fact that Winkeljohn has been her coach her entire career and she’s been kicks as long as she’s been throwing punches you have a volatile combination of striking.

So what did Holly DO?

Holly had the body mechanics of Andre Ward as well as that Jackson camp kickboxing. She in the eyes of any boxing analyst showed a beautiful defensive game as well as a beautiful offensive ability picking her shots leaning in from the waist, distorting her distance from Marion causing her to whiff on her shots and keeping her open for the counter 1, 2 that later became a 3, 1 leg kick dutchie combination. So on a cursory level Hollie showed Mayweather Defense, a use of range finding jab mimicking a Larry Holmes. Beautiful counter punching like Floyds, and finishing it off with a beautiful use of those kicks Jackson’s camp is so known for. If where are making comparisons to her counter parts with great mixing of boxing and kickboxing, compare the Ali influenced Dominick Cruz style and Holly Holmes. Holly is waiting on you to bite on her leaned forward target and then she shoots back as your strike hits air, while Dominick is looking for you to step into a certain angle counter your range finder and burst thru with a v step. After he catches you with vstep he knows his game is open to strike with combinations getting around you with the hard angles and taking you down with the knee tap. Holly is different because she is opening herself up to getting hit by initiating the striking with her fist per say. She is forcing you to make the move knowing you won’t be able to hit her. The novice will say but Anderson did that against Weidman, and I counter with shut your mouth know he didnt. Anderson another master striker like to show bout with little technical defense in his movements. He leans forward but stays square meaning his feet at shoulder width or less apart and he isn’t slanted or staggered against his opponent. Making leaning forward and distortion distance impossible because as soon as he moves back instead of going back where his back foot is he has to bend backwards at the waist to evade the incoming shot. Compare that with Holly Mayweather, Guillermo Rigondeaux or any other technical master boxer who has the back foot staggered behind them with a wide distance between it and the lead foot and bending from the waist. Its a masterful performance of controlling someone’s depth perception. I believe anyone with a Conor McGregor mindset of not being tied down to one way of doing things or stuck in one mythology of striking will take this a improve on the part that many critics of the sport have been harping on. That being the level of striking in mma being amature level boxing at best for the vast majority of fighters. So thanks Holly Holm for a beautiful performance on fluid mixing of striking from a defensive and offensive standpoint.


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