Jake Shields vs Rousimar Palhares

     Something about welterweights this month, even WSOF has a great fight on paper. It stacks up with BJJ stars Shield a genius with the take down and getting top position, and Palhares a dangerous Boogie Man from the bottom and the leg lock game is unmatched in the lighter weight divisions. Striking advantage is anyones guess, Palhares relies mainly on his power and then changing levels to get the leg lock that is what his endgame is. For Jake his striking training is very good I mean he scrapes with the Diaz Boys in Stockton, he is similiar he lacks the power but can keep the game where he wants it and when he’s got you gassed he shoots and grinds from the top.

     On the ground Shields is a king of a the top position, he shuts down every attack you have have from the bottom. He has some of the best wrestling ability in the cage. Now for the bad when Jake has a fast and powerful opponent he has trouble if they are a s equal in grappling as he was maybe not in the same way but on the same level. Hector Lombard was a key example of that Palhares to a lesser extent is less explosive than Hector but he has the same strategy in a explode relax and explode kind of style when hes just walking his opponent down.

Now for Palhares he is an explosive guy that throws his shots in hopes to get you to bite be it a clinch or a take down. Or his favorite getting you to bite and then pulling guard as you step in so he can get the leg lock. His downfall is facing someone that knows how to shut down his leg lock game Hector Lombard wink wink a common advisory shut off that leg lock game, and proceeded to pummel on him on the canvas.

Whats wild in this fight is we have two high profile welterweights in the mma world, for the bjj players and mma nerds and fans of WSOF this is a big time fight for a lot of people. I believe this is the month for the welterweights starting off with Robbie Lawler vs Rory MacDonald, then Wonder Boy heel kicking Ellenberg now its Shields Palhares turn to keep the train running.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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