The Heavyweight Comebacks




 Let me steal a little Eddie Bravo ad-lib from “Never Back Down 2” Todd Duffee “The White King Kong” vs Frank Mir. Cut and dry this is a grappler vs striker thats all this heavyweight bout is when you look at the career history. Franks got some striking ability, crisp jab nice hooks but little timing in those shots more of a volume puncher. However he is light years ahead of everyone off his back second best jujitsu heavy weight behind Werdum the ADCC champion. He is coming out off a great win in Brazil, Frank may be making and Arlovski like career resurgence, but Todd is a tough fight even for a former UFC Champion.

Todd Duffee is one of the fastest heavy weights in the world bar none, it lends itself to his wrestling ability and his striking ability. Everything he throws has the ability to put you down along with the timing of his attacks. Now on the ground he has good wrestling takedown defense, he sprawls like Hector Lombard smashing opponents necks into the canvas. Todd’s grappling is not near the level of Franks he probably has an average level jujitsu ability but Frank is far and away better.

The fight can go multiple ways in my mind the two with the highest percentage of  occurring are these; Todd wins by KO, TKO, or Decision he keeps Frank on the outside with his striking and does a “Stipe vs Hunt”. Duffee lands over top Franks jab forcing Frank to shoot or clinch against the cage, there Frank would gas out buy the middle of the second round while Todd unleashes Combinations and either KOs, TKOs, or wins the decision. Now Frank can win he could realize he’s losing the striking battle early and pressure with level changes and get Todd against the cage and shoot on Todd instead of trying to grind him down against the cage. On the ground Frank does what he wants and moves for an arm bar leg lock or sub from the back, Frank wins the round and Todd’s gassing out on the ground. Second round more of the same but now Frank shoots and takes him down and gets stuck in half guard passes to side control and moves to mount and attacks from the mount. Here he could win by TKO or by sub if Todd makes a mistake by giving up his back and Frank takes it like a ghost and catches a rear naked choke.

That’s how I see it going anything could happen its a good fight that’s gettin slept on. Dominate razor sharp striker with solid fundamentals and crazy POWER. A master on the ground with some of the best and most DOMINATE grappling in the heavyweight division.


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