Let those Hands and Legs Fly



 Holly Holm vs Marion Reneau

 In this fight we have two very good mma fighters. Holly Holm the champion boxer and product of the Jackson Winkeljohn camp vs Marion Reneau and great kick boxer under Doug The Rhino and grappling art World Champion.

For Holly to win she has to stay standing and use her knowledge of timing off her straight punches and the land a baseball bat like kick off that combination forcing Marion back so she can the walk her down something she does very well. If this thing hits the canvas she need to get up like lightning she can’t get stuck on the ground because she will drown there in my estimation. Teeps to the body to keep the distance and suck the life out of Reneau is important mixing up her striking is key; if she just throws punches she will get eaten alive as Marion comes forward with solid blows something her last opponent in Pennington didn’t do until late in the last round. So stay where she’s got the most advantages, on the feet.

Now for Marion the game needs to be something like a Dutch kick boxer on the feet stalking and walking staying outside the hands with a hard angle and striking the legs hard with leg kicks to soften Holly up. If she can soften her she can take down Holly and look for a sub, then wash and repeat until either a TKO is achieved or a submission is caught. Now if she decides to stand in front or not cut her angles hard enough against Holly she will get forced onto the back foot where Holly loves to put her opponents dating back to her boxing days , when she gets you moving a KO is only moments away. So staying on the outside is mandatory and a submission is has a high percentage of working for Marion. Dana Said he said she was to old of the Ultimate Fighter, lets see if she can shock us again.

This will be a highly contested fight on the feet for sure and because of the school Holly Holm is coming from her take down defense will be top level and a problem for Marion if she want to keep her down. For Holly she may get frustrated by the striking she will encounter just because she is a Champion in boxing doesn’t mean much if she’s getting out kick boxed and walked down by an unrelenting kick boxer.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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