Jonas Bilharinho: The New Brazilian King in Waiting


“Catching the Brazilian Wave before it peaks, again”

The man that Brazil is building to claim the throne. The 145 lb mma fight who hit the main stage as a sparring partner for Jose Aldo in his bout with Conor McGregor. Whats crazy is how good this relatively unknown Champion is, this guy is a brilliant striker a mastery of that lead leg kicking style as well as that Chute Boxe Muay Thai style. He is from Team Nogueira so we can assume he has a ground game and take down defense. When you look at the history of the Brazilian legends you realize that those brilliant strikers that train with or are associated with the old lions seem to be the future. The comparison to Conor McGregor is a very good one they are very similar with the edge going to Jonas. Why because his level of kicking ability and brilliance in the cage is the same as a young untamed Anthony Pettis. His power is evident and speed is being honed with the brilliant coaches in Brazil and around the world.


I am incredibly high on this cat I have been since his Andre Oliveira. Speed as he is known is in my eyes the second coming of the Brazilian game like Jacare, Claudia Gadelha, Oliveira, RDA, Edson Barbosa, and Werdum all of these folks are of a new breed. They aren’t show boaters, they aren’t fighting on a aura they are using going back to the mountain top to evolve. They are taking the best of that old Vale Tudo style and the Brazilian Muay Thai system, developed by those like a Rafael Cordeiro while expressing that brilliant resurgence of lead leg PKA style striking. Look at this guy to see all of this or Claidia from Nova Onai. So don’t sleep on Brazil just yet they may have taken a little break of dominance and put their hopes and dreams on Aldo, RDA , and Werdum more recently. Sooner or later the inventors of the sport will send the new wave of elite killers to Vegas to show out in the UFC.

Check out Jungle fights to watch some brilliance, I believe Aldo will move up win or loss after his Conor bout. While his replacement or successor with be Jonas a 5’11 speedy and combative brilliant 145 pound demon from Brazil.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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