AOC “Boxing”

  LAS VEGAS, NV - MARCH 10, 1986: Marvin Hagler (R) lands a blow to the head of John Mugabi (L) during the Middleweight WBC/WBA/IBF title fight March 10, 1986 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hagler won the fight by KO in the 11th roung. (Photo by Focus On Sport/Getty Images)

The Art of Combat Kinetic Linking

You can Absorb the effective and discard the limited, like the icons of fighting innovators before us.

What we Absorb?

Jab like Hagler or a guess now like Robbie

  • Explode with the jab with your feet.
  • Stepping through to close the distance and extend the jab through the target not just touching the target he’s trying to punch the wall on the other side of the room.

We see this exemplified in the Robbie Lawler and Rory McDonald fight from UFC 189.

  • It all starts with a change of pace or breaking the rhythm of your opponent like Duke Rufus he shows very quick strikes then hits the outside angle and throws one slow jab or whatever and then explode with a blitz like first step down the center of your new angle.
  • Rear hand up on the chin and the jabbing shoulder up, with the fist rotating down. Also to shield yourself from getting countered over the top of the jab. 


      This is just a variation of a jab instead of throwing and moving on the outside Marvin is moving forward and firing and staying safe, he is the best at this and has landed it on everyone in his era. Here’s a link and great example of that jab in practice – Marvin Hagler vs Tony Sibson start at 10:50.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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