The Beautiful Mind of Tyson

Mike Tyson clap

That Beautiful Philosopher that is Mike Tyson

     “In order to show courage there has to be fear, and that’s why we have courage because we are afraid”. People don’t understand how genuinely intelligent Mike Tyson is and was the man made a lot of mistakes but has lived in such a way that the wisdom gained and learned from the legends around him such as The Damato Ali etc. He just understands how to change that dial that has been tampered with by society and change how people react to fear and other things. Let’s focus on what the ego loves to yell in your mind FEAR. Fear failure, be jealous because you read that you’re inadequate, fear loss, fear the unknown, just fear. Like Cus told Tyson “fear is like fire with it a man can cook stay warm and see, if it gets untamed it can burn you and burn down everything around you.” I’ll add on top of that taking from Bruce Lee who paraphrased the great Samurai Miyamoto Musashi on being water in that your clear and formless not just from a training standpoint. Being of water meaning being flowing not allowing the ego to berate you being calm like water but hard when striking at the fear to eliminate it from your pool. Water eliminates fire depending only on how big the fire is and how much water you have. Never allowing that fire out weigh that water of emotion is the balance of fear and courage let your courage run over.

So get in touch with that fear and react.  Whatever level of fear that is needed find it for yourself and react and show that indomitableness that is locked inside that same purity seen in the animal world in Bears Tigers Silver Backs Bulls etc. However I don’t mean some learned form of confident behavior or some alpha chest puffing, no I’m talking about something more profound I’m talking about that part of nature that is seen in the wild when a tornado or hurricane is coming and the hardest of the bad animals are running. In a negative or a combat centered view that natural disaster aura is what you looking for every part of you saying I know I’m afraid, but I DON’T CARE.

So break down how that fear wants you to react or figure out its next play and immediately come at with the move it doesn’t see coming and react swiftly and without a second thought.

-Stay chill family and folks


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