AOC “Muay Thai”


The Art of Combat Kinetic Linking

You can Absorb the effective and discard the limited, like the icons of fighting innovators before us.

What we Absorb?

Because of the performance The Immortal  Matt Brown put on to kick off UFC 189 lets talk about………..


This could be its own full length series and maybe one day will be. When mastered this tool can be the finisher or piece that raises you above your opponent. Elbows are not punches they are elbows, which layer well with every type of strike “ Well no duh genius” yeah I know.

Basics: Cross, Upper, Turning, Over The Top

Variations: Cutting or Slashing Over hand, Instep, Side arm allah Anderson Silva

Because elbow strikes have a shorter range than your punches and kicks it’s useful to throw them while in close range during those moments where your punch has landed or the knee or kick has finished landing before they can move or when that distance is collapsed on to push that valve theory forward instantly shutting them off after getting hit or bleeding. Add viration to your attacks lead elbows do work however experience defines whether they will work well for you however.


Think of throwing a cross not a look keeping everything relaxed, open palm, pull back the hand forcing your elbow through. Your feet should be moving like you’re throwing a cross. Pushing off the back foot letting your body weight add to the power.

To throw a slashing or cutting variation, you just want to raise the arc of the elbow from horizontal to a stepper angle with the same footwork and fundamentals to stay smooth, the give is this could telegraph your shot. That being said you need to be not only fast but you have to release it smoothly giving as little tell as possible.


Start with extending your lead arm like a jab, From there bend your arm back with your palm open thumb // parallel with the shoulder relaxed not pressing against the the bicep.

For a lead upper cutting elbow, step forward and shoot an uppercut focusing on the elbow with a tight arc. For a rear uppercut it is slower. Keeping the same fundamentals lead foot step to the outside of their lead foot and keep a tight arc.

-Stay chill family and folks


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