AOC “Muay Thai”


The Art of Combat Kinetic Linking

You can Absorb the effective and discard the limited, like the icons of fighting innovators before us.

What we Absorb?

Muay Thai and some Thai Innovation

  1. Establish the lead jab then establish or dominate the feet step with the lead to the outside of the opponent’s lead leg.
  2. Take a hard step outside so your rear leg if put in front would be outside of the opponent’s lead leg and throw a crisp and fast leg kicks.
  3. Think of the DUTCHIE combo without the hook 2 or jab 2.
  4. Feint to draw a kick, check and counter over the top.
  5. Pull the leg up while feinting by moving forward and back again think of mimicking a dash or a blitz motion, but stepping half way then feint again moving past half of the distance.
  6. Look for the opponent to check the counter over the top with a cross, hook, jab or cross, cross, hook counter.

*Take the LEAD FOOT and KEEP IT

  1. When the opponent tries to establish their lead counter over there lead by stepping back and landing a hook over the corresponding lead arm.
  2. Punch follow up post jump high kick, teep, etc.
  3. Lead leg feint load up up for the jump for the rear kick feint
  4. Retracting the kick at the same time as throwing cross etc.
  5. Check kick from opponent by pulling lead leg back either with a stance pivot or a switch kick motion.
  6. Feint the same way again then throw the jumping round house while they’re off balance.
  7. Use a blinder and a pull down to increase the angle by staggering your outside steps and then throwing the kick from that angle.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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