Robbie and Rory WAR


THE BEST EVER “TBE” The Welter Weight Message     

       What I called as the fight of the night on the card the fight I knew would be to killers at at heart but in different ways the juggernaut versus the contract killer, and what did we see that war. The WAR reminding me of the Hagler Hearns WAR. What these two proved was that if you want to be the welterweight champ then you better come ready to embrace the brink of bodily destruction. UFC 189 highlight and as Dana White has said the best fucking ever.

With all the hype surrounding Conor vs Aldo and then Chad Mendes, what people were sleeping on was this fight. Where Rory was winning early and beating Robbie to the body and to the face with the jab and lowering the booming right hand which is text book on how to fight a southpaw. However what was a big point in my breakdown and while i was watching the fight Rory couldn’t get it to the ground because if there is one thing you can count on from Robbie is he’s going to eat your shots like tic-tacs and slip and rip and keep survive and explode on you. What then happened was Robbie survived and came back after the second round to counter over Rory’s jab like he did in there first fight. The answer from Rory were the devastating head kicks and knees a assault of punches, but Robbie ate them and returned with devastating right hook leads and a hammer straight left down the pipe down the pipe. Smiling an d happy to be in a war were the emotions shown in this fight.

The most emotional moment was them staring each other down at the end of the 4th round with Big John telling them to get to their corners but there was no give in either of these two monsters. Something Rory touched on in his JRE podcast at 15:35 because of the intensity and the zone that both of them are in it’s two silver backs staring each other down. It almost made me cry to see the heart both men showed and that the only way for this fight to end was a serious injury in Rory’s shattered nose. The UFC is hitting a new stride embracing a similar to the golden ages of boxing with likes of the Sugar Ray Leonard, Hears the D town Cobra, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Hands of Stone, Ali Frazier, and a coming of new age styles and technicality.


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