The Concurring modern day Brave Heart in Conor MCgregor has one over all of the hard core fans and competitors. Conor versus Chad was a display in dealing with the grind in the most effective way possible staying come on the bottom and exploding with attacks to the head similar to what Eddie Bravo’s system is known for in MMA. Now this event wouldn’t be anything without the weirdness that accompanied it, starting with Chad Mendes cardio on 12 days notice, yes Chad looked strong but he unlike Frankie Edgar (his comparison in the division) he had to worry about his gas tank which could be the reason for the lack of movement on the feet and the concluding finish from Conor. Know the backend of that is Conors weight cut is diminishing 29 – 27 pounds is significant. Now the question of what happens when Conor and Chad have both have fight camps what happens which is a good question, that shouldn’t take away from the fact that Conor proved himself he proved me wrong I didn’t know what he could do on the bottom of the grind but he showed he can handle it. So the Joker tag is know longer existent. Brave Heart lives on at 145.

Now for Aldo vs McGregor, with this legendary performance by Conor McGregor there is a new amount of factors that need to be talked about. First of all who the F$#@ knows who’s going to win this war it could be the next Robbie Lawler vs Rory MacDonald 2 adjacent (side note called that one right bloody war resembling Hagler Hearns, the BEST FIGHT EVER). Okay now we know for sure that Conor can take a good shot over and over again, and the weight of his shots and his precision is nothing to play with. Also Conor has showed he is unaffected by a huge stage he loves it. Finally something close to my heart he proved his effective kicks that he uses to really drain people mainly the sidekicks, teeps, and body round houses are high level he knows how to throw them. Know the x factor in my last artical about Aldo McGregor for Aldo it was his speed and the Razor perfect 1-2  leg kick , 1-4 leg kick, 3-2 leg kick, and his overall explosive and unpredictable Muay Thai game I mean look at that flying knee KO on Cub Swanson. Then comes the training partners he has a guy in Jonas Bilharinho he is the Brazilian Conor McGregor know questions asked. Know the back end to Aldo is something that Joe Rogan and company have been discussing since the Mark Hominick fight, Aldo’s age and the wars are starting to affect him visibly in the cage. He starts to coast just enough midway through the 3rd round  with just enough explosion in each round to win them. Something that his advisory Conor has been a stickler at talking about is the efficiency in movement, nothing knew Helio and Rickson’s ethos for BJJ. Now Aldo’s is efficient in his leg kicks, his jabs, cross, and left hook to the body which he uses to survive in the later rounds. The weight cut for Aldo is death just like Renan at 135 after the wars and a long career this weight class is taking a toll on the body. Know if he has one more left in him he could make the weight and return to his early WEC UFC form, which then becomes the hardest fight Conor has had and probably the most legendary fight in the modern MMA era.

Now my new favorite fighter Conor McGregor that stylish devil in the 3 piece suit has proven a lot and shown a lot , there are no more questions for him to answer there are just tendencies that could be exploited just like Aldo’s tendency to slow down and coast through rounds. Okay Conor has proven he can take the hard shots and keep moving forward. He has a killer 1-2 made all the southpaws like myself happy with those shots. He has heavy and accurate shots his turning side kick is very sport TKD, unlike the Joe Rogan side kick he showed GSP . However he lands at a high percentage, he showed a lot of use of the teep that he used like a Andre Ward jab to the body to steal energy.  Conor’s got a Mirko CroCop like guard he attacks from the bottom and traps you there he’s not attacking with subs but he’s hitting you waiting to burst off the bottom. Now for the weird stuff the power and speed battle both of these guys have razor sharp jabs and crosses Aldo has the better hook to the body but Conor has a more accurate piston to the jaw. Aldo’s got stronger faster kicks, just off career history and the Marco Ruas Ernesto Hoost like whipping kicks that have hurt so many people and forced Frankie Edgar to dive on top of. Now if Conor catched Aldo to the body with those kicks it could play a problem for Aldo taking a lot of his energy out of him in the early rounds where he doesn most of his damage. Now Aldo is no powder puff he loves to scrape he is off the Chute Boxe style and mindset, Ian McCall has said that when Aldo gets tagged and goes into to the I’m never going back to the favela mode where he starts throwing wild heat. The crazy thing about his wild heat is he throws with more speed but a little less accuracy but he lands when he gets wild. If Conor gets hit with those wild heat combinations and a knee it could cause a problem there’s a reason Pettis wanted to fight him because he has the ability to really fight at 155. Now the boxing battle will decide a lot and the cardio level or his ability to fire for 5 rounds will play a big part. If Aldo trained with RDA at Nick Cursons facility and with Raphie Cordeiro; If his coach does decide to retire after Renans rematch with TJ Dillashaw then that would change everything cardio wise, but thats in my perfect world i guess.

When has 145 been this exciting I say never this has been the biggest build up to a UFC bigger than UFC 100; there are still some problems that need to fixed to make this sport juggernaut perfect, over all the best mma event since Pride 33: The Second Coming. The UFC has taken over combat sports with what the mainstream fans want to see from boxing, the plowed over the NBC boxing card and the gratitude shown by the majority of the fans was overwhelming versus any other combat sport. All we need now is a Mayweather vs Pacquiao, oh wait thats what we are getting the writers p4p king ( sorry Mighty Mouse and the all but forgotten Jon Jones) in Aldo vs the guy that keeps proving himself with a real top tier win.

-Stay chill family and folks


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