The Art of Combat Kinetic Linking “Capoeira”


The Art of Combat Kinetic Linking

You can Absorb the effective and discard the limited, like the icons of fighting innovators before us.

What we Absorb?

There’s something about striking where the risk is just too high sometimes for people to become comfortable using because of a preconceived notion about it being to high risk so why train it. My question is why the heck not. It adds variety, I’m not saying over train it were it’s all you are really focused on landing no no no getting too attached to one weapon is a no no go ask Miyamoto Musashi about that and he’ll slap you for thinking that way. Capoeira is that art stuck with people thinking its just flash and not useful but there’s something useful in everything so what do I see as useful. Kicks from the ground, weird jig like flowing footwork and kicks from the strange angles and vantage points.

Be a threat from the ground, let’s say you slip and end up on the ground or whatever your on the ground and your opponent is approaching. What do you do in this case? Other than BJJ and wrestling there hasn’t been a art in striking of attacking from the ground. If there was a form it was shrouded in this cloud of does it really work is it legit? Does it base itself in stopping attacks with gung and some crouching tiger hidden dragon wire work. No lets take something practical from another Brazilian art (something about Brazil they know how to generate offense be it futbol, bjj, or capoeira)

Martelo de Negativa


Be it standing or off the ground those attacks are good because they are sneaky and come from unrecognizable angles with a lot more force. The force being generated from the ground pushing all the weight up and the speed being generated from the twisting of the body and turning of the hips over like every other round house style of kick. The most creative kicker Killer Cub Swanson proves that they work.

  1. The Negative position is all about the fell in whatever crouching position you recover to be it wide or a short base.
  2. Practicing this is the only way to develop a reliable kick.
  3. Practicing the launching motion on mitts as well the force generating kick and accuracy you want on a heavy bag is incredibly important.

This would be a 20,000 reps kind of movement because most people aren’t comfortable off there back or kicking in this way.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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