“Angela Magana vs Michelle Waterson”

Grappler versus the Striker with better Grappling This looks Lopsided


Michelle Waterson The Karate Hottie coming out party. How I see this fight going down, well I see it as a firing gallie and the target is Angela. In my opinion the only striker in the division that could possibly out strike the Champion J.J. That being said Michelle has lost by sub in her loses to Herica Tiburero and Lynn Alvarez this really shows that even if your submission game is top tier you’re still not at the level where your defense is top tier as well, unless your Marcelo Garcia you’re always at risk for a sub. That needs to be Angela Magana’s game plan here, don’t stand with this hellcat get her to the ground and grind her down.

Angela’s striking is quite basic in the striking which I see as the reason she’s going to lose, in comparison Michelle Is so far ahead of her isn’t the stand up that the fight can really only be one where that gap is a lot smaller on the ground.That being said she still has a punchers chance here, but she has to weather a hurricane of strikes to really become a contender in the fight.

At the end of the night after all the data is entered this is a move by the UFC to stack the straw weight division with a fighter with a fan base and the skill set to match a former champion making her entrance into the UFC.

This is Waterson’s fight to lose, shes a Jackson Winkeljohn product with no ceiling watch out straw-weights the women that the UFC didn’t want in the Ultimate Fighter house, for fear of her steamrolling everyone they pulled from Invicta wink wink. She’s hit the rosters and Watersons ready to rearrange some faces. This is a Showcase fight for Michelle if she approaches it like any other bout.

– Stay Chill Family and Folks


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