Eddie Bravo on Yoga

“Always make it into a habit, Constantly working flexibility”, “Its up to you there’s no bone stopping you” Make it a daily part of your life in the morning works on it. It will help your day get you warmed up for work, school, or whatever. When your own the coach or just relaxing hold a  position then after a while switch it, I mean what else are you doing right now. Finally this is up to you nobody’s forcing you, no bone is keeping you inflexible its of your own volition.

This is harping on another point about fitness and recovery in general if you don’t work on it nothings going to change. When your sitting around after work or after dinner just lounging or whatever it really doesn’t matter you have the opportunity to better yourself by working on something the easiest thing I can think of is working that flexibility to relieve some tension in your body so the next day your not stiff as a board. It doesn’t have to be yoga or stretching or anything like that because of where I live I can go swim before I eat dinner or got to bed because it helps me and gets me out of a combat training mindset. Take the fitness your gaining and apply it some where else like it says in the book of five rings paraphrasing here if you gain mastery or a high level of skill is something then you can use it in anything else. Start painting writing, gardening, hunting it doesn’t matter just get into something else.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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