AOC “Muay Thai”


The Art of Combat Kinetic Linking

Developing the Leaning High Kick

Thank you Bas Rutten thank you Duane “Bang” Ludwig for developing a kick that has been out casted by many martial arts schools for years. Okay enough of my giving thanks. This kick is what it sounds like yes , but there are a lot of moving details to this.

  1. Be it rear or lead leg you lean to the opposite leg your kicking leg changing the level enough to draw your opponent off balance so they stop paying attention to the legs.
  2. Keeping enough balance for throwing the kick which in itself is just a lead leg roundhouse kick in its essence.
  3. I prefer using this technique after running a DUTCHIE jab cross leg kick or a lead hook rear hook lead leg kick or a smooth hand combination, then leaning to the side throw the kick and return with another combination.
  4. The lean is a nice pause breaking the you do this I do that you do this I do that pause…… BOOM.
  5. But really the kick is useful anywhere it really just comes down to your own level of balance and special understanding.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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