AOC “Muay Thai”


The Art of Combat Kinetic Linking

Switch Kick

Used in close proximity to the target for any other kick.

  1. What you do is just switch your stance by doing the 2010 “ Jerk” or “Reject” dance motion
  2. Then right off of that motion you’re throwing a rear roundhouse kick.
  3. The key is developing a large medium and small switch kick.
  4. The switch motion as a nice all around tool for striking.

Step Knee

The S Knee is a great deal to use in any situation clinched body lock when you’re pinning some against the cage or standing like Cowboy Cerrone does In substitution of the jump knee because its less telegraphed and landing before and after is simple.

  1. To learn the mechanics think of the clinch position and extend your lead like you’re holding the opponent’s arm.
  2. The rear arm clinches the neck.
  3. Step back with your lead foot pull the target down.
  4. Step forward and extend the foot you didn’t step with.
  5. This is the basic basic application of the step knee then it becomes developing it in every realm.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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