Get that GOOD GOOD Folks Family


Equipment Philosophy

There’s multiple ideas of this. Doug Larson of The Barbell Shrugged podcast and Coach at Faction Crossfit. Doug tells a story in episode 155, about his trainer who had the best of best weightlifting equipment from Eleiko, not for some ego drive need to have the best of everything to shove in someones face of to boast about his own personal funds. No he had them so he could take ownership for his own is the best then the only reason you stop succeeding is because of yourself not your equipment.

My own thoughts on equipment, there is no reason to be cheap when purchasing the tools that protect your body. Quality insteps for your legs, comfortable gloves, hand wraps, head gear which in my book is the most important piece, and for the fellas Thai style cups. Then the accessories tools like ankle sleeves, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves , and recovery devices. Heavy bags, mats , double end bags, speed bags, stands, rigs, jump ropes all are tools to test your progress if you aren’t getting better they will tell you so don’t short yourself and limit how good you could be because of questionable equipment.

Why RISK the very real possibility of injury to save a couple of dollars short term but long term end up spending that amount over and over again plus medical cost for bruised bones sprained ankles, broken hands, broken fingers, broken arms; or worse concussions, tendon tears, etc.

-Stay Chill Folks and Family


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